Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown Is Getting Kicked Off Netflix Soon

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UPDATE: After this story was posted, Netflix sent out a tweet stating it extended its agreement with CNN to keep Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on the service for the near future.

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The tragic passing of Anthony Bourdain has led many fans of the acclaimed chef and world traveler to memorialize his work in various ways. Some have shared personal stories, some have engaged in one-of-a-kind meals, and others have simply hopped on Netflix and spent hours upon hours binging his most current (and arguably most celebrated) television series Parts Unknown. Unfortunately, it looks as though subscribers will only be able to binge CNN's food and travel series for just a short while longer, as Netflix is set to kick the series off its service Saturday, June 16.

Netflix's decision to remove Parts Unknown from its lineup was announced in late May, as part of its usual content change-ups, which was weeks before Bourdain's' death just last week. Netflix has not announced any plans to leave the series on its platform, which is understandable, since it's not simply a yes-or-no decision to make. That means fans only have a few short days to binge all eight seasons that are currently available on the streaming service before they're gone for good. It's a feat that's certainly attainable especially for those who've already watched a few, although perhaps not as viable for folks whose jobs and other responsibilities are more attention-demanding.

In an attempt to keep Anthony Bourdain central to Netflix for a while longer, the show's fans have started a petition to convince the service to work out a deal with CNN to allow the series to remain on the platform. As of writing, the petition has gotten over 5,000 signatures, but there's no telling how many would need to sign to convince the platform to try and negotiate a deal, assuming any amount would work. 2018 has already proven fan movements do impact the television industry, although encouraging a streaming service to renew licensing on a currently produced show it doesn't own is a different beast than wanting it to renew a cancelled series. As stated, Netflix announced this decision prior to Bourdain's death, and the show's vanishing date point is coming too soon for them to do anything about it.

Netflix losing its claim to Parts Unknown is potentially advantageous to CNN, which can then broker a new deal with Netflix or another streaming service for the rights to all the episodes that have been released. Bourdain's series has always been popular, and with tragedy often comes renewed interest from an audience with an increased appreciation and appetite for applicable entertainment. A streaming service like Hulu, Amazon, or even Netflix may wish to capitalize that, and CNN in turn may be able to up its price for the privilege to stream Parts Unknown.

Unless Netflix jumps in and saves Parts Unknown the series is scheduled to leave the service on Saturday, June 16. Netflix subscribers that may be looking for another series to binge in its place, or just wanting to see what's on the way can find out all they need to know with our Netflix premiere guide. For a more generalized breakdown of new and returning programming headed to television over the next few months, visit our summer premiere guide.

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