Could Laurie Metcalf Return To Supergirl? Here's What One Star Says

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Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 14 of Supergirl Season 3, called "Schott Through the Heart."

Supergirl went in a darker direction than usual with "Schott Through the Heart." The episode (which finally brought the show back to the airwaves after a long hiatus) showcased Winn Schott, revealed the death of his villainous father, and introduced his mother, Mary. Laurie Metcalf of Roseanne and Lady Bird brought Mary to life on Supergirl, and she joined Jeremy Jordan to craft a fascinating dynamic between mother and son. Jeremy Jordan spoke with CinemaBlend about his big episode, and he said this about whether Laurie Metcalf could return to share the screen with him once more:

She's busy as all get out but if she had time in her schedule, yeah! I don't imagine she's going to return this year. I mean, as soon as she wrapped, she went and did all her Oscars things and she's in a play right now. Perhaps next season or somewhere in the future. We do continue to talk about her even if she's not around. We kind of assume that she sticks around for a while after the episode's over. You kind of get a sense that they're going to try to reconnect.

According to Jeremy Jordan, we can't expect to see Winn and his mom interacting again in what remains of Season 3. Laurie Metcalf scored an Academy Award (and Golden Globe) nomination for her role in Lady Bird, and she is now working on a play. She didn't have the time to hang around the Supergirl set after she wrapped! The good news is that Laurie Metcalf evidently fit right in with the cast of Supergirl and Jeremy Jordan would be glad to have her back.

"Schott Through the Heart" did end with Winn and Mary on good terms and belting their way through a karaoke number. Given what we know of Jeremy Jordan's vocal chops thanks to the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover, we can bet that singing with Winn could only endear Mary to him more. What can't be made better by a duet version of "Take On Me" in a bar? Supergirl will evidently continue to mention Mary, so it's not like she'll drop totally off of Winn's radar again, which is good news for the poor guy. He doesn't deserve to lose his mom all over again.

Jeremy Jordan also spoke about how he and Laurie Metcalf worked to create their dysfunctional family dynamic for the episode, saying this:

Laurie Metcalf is like the queen of dysfunctional families, which is funny because she brought her daughter with her and couldn't have been more sweet or more lovely of a person. But she plays it really well. Yeah, no, it was great! It was really easy. I did a lot of work with the writers beforehand, kind of fleshing out where Winn is, how exactly this story kind of unfolds and Laurie came in and fit perfectly into that little puzzle piece. What was so funny is she's in the middle of her big press tour for Lady Bird and her Golden Globe stuff, and it was kind of a break for her to do Supergirl. And so she was just excited to go back to work and do something that was fun and fulfilling. It was a great sort of moment and we connected really quickly right off the bat. She spent a whole week with us and it was great. We had a good time.

The complex family dynamic in "Schott Through the Heart" was the product of Jeremy Jordan working with the writers to develop his character even further beyond his usual role as comic relief, and Laurie Metcalf evidently fit the bill for what they were looking for in Winn's mom. Hopefully we can count on Metcalf reprising her role in Season 4 or beyond. Supergirl did score a renewal for another season, so we'll have to cross our fingers that the timing lines up for more of Winn and Mary together on screen.

For more of Jeremy Jordan as Winn Schott, tune in to Supergirl on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. For more viewing options, swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule and our summer TV premiere guide.

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