The Good Place Had A Shady Pirates Of The Caribbean Joke You Might've Missed

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The Good Place has earned its place as one of the most beloved comedies on television nowadays. Although it doesn't exactly score the highest ratings in primetime, The Good Place can boast a unique premise, a killer cast, and an experienced production team that knows how to deliver laughs. As it turns out, creator and executive producer Mike Schur managed to fit a fantastic joke into Season 2 that may have gone unnoticed and un-laughed at due to how sneakily it was embedded in a certain scene. Yes, The Good Place snuck a shady Pirates of the Caribbean joke into a Season 2 episode, and Schur describes it as his favorite of the year. Here's how he puts it:

Oh, that's my favorite joke of the year. When they go to The Bad Place and the train pulls into the station, they get out and Michael's saying like, 'Keep walking, keep walking.' But on the wall there's a movie poster, and it says, 'Pirates of the Caribbean 6: The Haunted Crow's Nest or Whatever, Who Gives a Crap?' Then at the bottom it says, 'Playing in every theatre, everywhere, forever. I like it for many reasons, but the No. 1 reason I like it is that the implication is that that's where those movies are made, and then they're exported up here. That's where they come from; they're made in hell.

NBC's sitcom didn't pull any punches in this joke at the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise's expense, although only eagle-eyed fans probably caught the gag at the time. The poster for the fictional Pirates of the Caribbean 6: The Haunted Crow's Nest or Whatever, Who Gives a Crap? was only featured in the background of a scene, and the camera didn't zoom in on it and none of the characters commented on it. Mike Schur's favorite joke of Season 2, as revealed at a recent panel (via IndieWire), simply isn't one that everybody caught.

Perhaps the funniest part of the joke is that The Haunted Crow's Nest doesn't sound all that unrealistic for a film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. After the latest three of the five current films were called At World's End, On Stranger Tides, and Dead Men Tell No Tales, is Haunted Crow's Nest really all that outlandish? A sixth installment in the franchise is in the works, although the title has not yet been revealed. Perhaps it hasn't yet been sent up from the Bad Place! Take a look at the poster that was snuck into the Good Place:

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Oh, The Good Place. Never change. When the show returns for Season 3 in the fall, fans should probably keep an eye on the background as well as the action between Eleanor and Co. Season 3 should be a wild ride considering the ending of Season 2, and Mike Schur has already confirmed that the four main characters will be back on Earth in the timeline in which they didn't die when The Good Place returns.

To learn where The Good Place will fall in primetime for Season 3, check out NBC's fall TV guide. For some of what you can watch in the meantime, take a look at our summer TV premiere schedule.

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