Gabrielle Union's Bad Boys TV Spinoff L.A.'s Finest Has Found Its Home

A Bad Boys spinoff for the small screen has been in the works ever since October 2017, and the show originally got an order for a pilot at NBC, but NBC dropped the pilot back in May. The good news for folks who had been looking forward to seeing the Bad Boys world get the TV treatment was that production company Sony Pictures Television decided to shop the project around for a new home. Now, the show -- called L.A.'s Finest and starring Bad Boys 2 alum Gabrielle Union and franchise newcomer Jessica Alba -- has a U.S. home, and it will be streaming.

L.A.'s Finest will premiere exclusively on Spectrum and marks the first major series order for Spectrum Original Content, from Charter Communications. The deal marks a content partnership between Spectrum and Sony Pictures Television that will provide Spectrum customers with "dynamic, authentic and unique programming," driving "value for their Spectrum subscription," according to Senior Vice President, Head of Original Content, Charter Communications Katherine Pope. The news comes after Charter's announcement last year that it was looking for partnerships for co-financing and developing original series to be available for Spectrum customers before release on other platforms.

Details are still scarce about when L.A.'s Finest will premiere on Spectrum, but we have an idea of how many episodes will comprise the first season thanks to a deal between Sony Pictures and Bell Media for Canadian distribution. When that deal was announced on June 1, it was established that the first season will run for 13 episodes, each of which will run for one hour.

In case you'r'e not up on all the details of what to expect from L.A.'s Finest, here's what you need to know. The project will follow Gabrielle Union's Syd Burnett, who made her Bad Boys franchise debut back in 2003 as a player in Bad Boys 2. Her life has changed drastically in the last 15 years after taking down the drug cartel in Miami. By the time L.A.'s Finest kicks off, Syd has decided to leave her complicated past in her rearview mirror and move to L.A. to take a job as an LAPD detective. She enjoys a more fun-filled life in Los Angeles than the one she left behind, but not everything is as carefree as she strives to show. She'll have to consider whether her new lifestyle functions to mask a personal secret.

By Syd's side will be her new LAPD parter Nancy McKenna (Jessica Alba), who is quite different from Syd, although she does also have a past with a lot of leftover complications. Nancy is a single mom who doesn't agree with Syd on a lot of issues, but they'll have to work together if they're going to take down the most dangerous bad guys L.A. has to offer.

Only time will tell how L.A.'s Finest will compare to the two Bad Boys movies. For what you can watch while we wait for more news on L.A.'sFinest, check out our summer TV premiere guide. If streaming is more your style, swing by our Netflix premiere schedule and our Amazon Prime rundown.

Laura Hurley
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