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Chris Pine's New TV Show I Am The Night Released Its Unsettling First Trailer

Chris Pine may be best known for his work on the small screen with projects like Wonder Woman and the Star Trek franchise, but he's taking his talents to the small screen for a new project that looks as unsettling as it does engrossing. Pine stars in I Am the Night, with Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins on board, and the first trailer points toward a limited series well worth watching. Take a look!

If you're surprised to learn that Chris Pine is starring in a show called I Am the Night, you're not crazy. The project was originally called One Day She'll Darken, named for the Fauna Hodel autobiography of the same name. Now called I Am the Night, the project will be a six-part miniseries, so you shouldn't tune in expecting Chris Pine to appear on an ongoing TV show. That said, based on the first trailer, we can probably expect a pretty stellar series to keep us on the edges of our seats while it lasts.

In I Am the Night, Chris Pine plays ruined journalist Jay Singletary, who was once a respectable Marine but lost his reputation after writing a story about a Hollywood gynecologist named George Hodel (played by Tony Award winner Jefferson Mays), who Singletary believed concealed a dark past. Desperate to redeem himself, he jumps at the chance to delve back into the twists and turns of the story, and the footage for the series indicates that he'll get in over his head and may not emerge from the case without sustaining some serious damage.

The case Singletary is so determined to uncover revolves around the young Fauna Hodel, played by India Eisley. Fauna was raised by a black bathroom attendant in Nevada, and the trailer indicates that she believes the woman who raised her to be her biological mother until she discovers on her own that she was actually adopted. In investigating her past, Fauna learns of alarming and surprising connections between her biological family and the infamous "Black Dahlia" murder case, in which George Hodel was a suspect but never charged.

Chris Pine will reunite with fellow Wonder Woman cast member Connie Nielsen for I Am the Night. Nielsen plays fading socialite and keeper of dark secrets Corinna Hodel. An alcoholic who lost her fortune and conceals family darkness, Corinna should be an interesting character. The cast will be filled out by Leland Orser as Peter Sullivan, Yul Vazquez as Billis, Dylan Smith as Sepp, Golden Brooks as Jimmy Lee, Justin Cornwell as Terrence Shye, and Jay Paulson as Ohis. We'll have to wait until the show premieres to find out how these characters fit into Fauna Hodel's story and Jay Singletary's investigation into her life and history.

The bad news is that we have a while to wait before we get to see the first episode of I Am the Night. No exact premiere date has been announced so far, and TNT has only revealed that it will premiere in January 2019. For what you can watch in the meantime, check out our summer TV premiere guide.

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