Timeless Co-Creator Has Bad News For Fans Hoping For Season 3

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Like many fans that have fought back this year in the face of cancellations, Timeless fans were hoping to change the ending NBC had put in motion for their beloved series. In late June, NBC announced that it had cancelled the show, despite the wishes of fans. Regardless, hope still sprung that like SyFy's The Expanse and Fox's Lucifer, Timeless could find a new home on another network or platform. Now Timeless' co-creator Shawn Ryan has shared some bad news with fans. Read it for yourself via the tweet below:

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It is not over until it is over, and sadly for Timeless fans, their hard-fought battle has reached an unfortunate crossroads regarding Season 3. In another tweet, Shawn Ryan expressed his and the show's cast, writers, and other crew members' gratitude to fans for their support. He also credited them for making the series' second season possible. NBC notably cancelled and then un-cancelled the show in 2017, ultimately renewing it for a condensed second season.

Hope has been high that Timeless could experience a similar save for its third season. While Sony Pictures Television has been unable to find a new home for Timeless as of yet, there is a bit of good news in Shawn Ryan's tweets. Sony TV is still considering their options and the two-hour movie is still alive. There are obvious reasons to keep hope for it measured, but the possibility is still there. Without it, fans would be left without much hope for on-screen closure. Here's what Shawn Ryan had to tell fans:

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The news is definitely not what Timeless fans were hoping for. So while a third season seems to be a distant hope at this juncture, the two-hour movie is arguably more in play at this point. Timeless premiered in 2016 and the series has enjoyed a devoted fanbase ever since. Why other networks were not interested in saving the series is a mystery. As of now, Timeless is not joining the year's other cancelled shows that have found new homes in the wake of viewer outcry over their cancellations.

While other series' cancellations were mostly announced in May, NBC did not officially announce the cancellation of Timeless until late June. The series' second season finished airing in mid-May. Given its devoted following and how many other shows were pulled back from the brink, it has stood to reason that Timeless could be too. For now, fans of the show will have to wait and see if they do get some good news in the form of that Timeless movie or a Season 3-related miracle. Here's hoping!

Until then, stay tuned as news becomes available. For new and returning television shows you can watch to get your mind off the current news regarding Timeless, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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