Star Wars Resistance TV Show First Look And Premiere Date May Have Been Revealed

Disney made many Star Wars fans very excited a while back when it confirmed the existence of and early details behind Star Wars: Resistance, and the first look at the new anime-inspired series has now been revealed. The House of Mouse also might have revealed the upcoming animated series will actually debut this fall. But before we get into all that, here's the first glimpse at Star Wars: Resistance and its cast of characters:

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The photo isn't the best quality as is, but it's solid enough to give us our first real look at Star Wars: Resistance's main man Kazudo Xiono (presumably character front and center on the right) as well as Poe Dameron over his left shoulder. Of course, we can't confirm with 100% certainty that character is Poe, but the general look of the character is very close to actor Oscar Isaac. Take that with the news that the actor will voice his character in the series, along with the presence of BB-8 in the bottom right corner, and it's looking pretty obvious that Poe is going to be one of Kazudo's allies as he joins the rebellion's fight against the First Order.

For a closer look:

That sheen on the center Stormtrooper's armor is unmistakable, and many believe that's none other than Captain Phasma, who will be voiced by the film's star, Gwendoline Christie. Phasma will be an aggressor for The First Order in Star Wars: Resistance, which isn't a spoiler, as the series was initially confirmed to take place prior to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Its early-timeline status also may be why Poe isn't yet rocking that signature jacket he gave to Finn.

Fans may get to learn this lead-up story sooner than they might have expected to, as a Disney France employee revealed in a now-deleted tweet (via Slashfilm) that the animated series is set to premiere on Disney XD in October. Obviously, this employee may have deleted the tweet because they weren't supposed to reveal the info, but it's also possible they could've just been plain wrong.

Star Wars: Resistance's first look art certainly has some colorful characters, and many have probably taken particular notice of the red Stormtrooper at Phasma's right. It's possible this character is Captain Cardinal, a trainer for First Order recruits and a big character in the recent Star Wars novel Phasma. Cardinal essentially played the Phasma part before she joined up, which is why his First Order gear is colored differently from the other Stormtroopers. Without revealing too much about him, Cardinal and Phasma have a very interesting dynamic, which will certainly be interesting to witness as this new series unfolds, assuming it's the same character.

The release date for Star Wars: Resistance is not official at this time, although it's possible that news may come out soon during San Diego Comic-Con. Stick with CinemaBlend for all breaking television news, and be sure to visit our summer premiere guide for a list of shows that are premiering now and in the coming weeks.

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