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Netflix is making some big news and considering some changes. Like the 5-star rating system of yesteryear, the streaming giant has decided to make a similar alteration to how subscribers gauge the quality of its content. Netflix is removing the online review portion of its desktop site, so prepare. The change is going to be a multi-step process, which should make the transition somewhat more manageable. So when are these changes happening?

As of July 30, you will not be able to write any new reviews for a show or movie. Roughly two weeks later in mid-August, the final blow will occur. All of the reviews that existed prior to July 30 will no longer be available to read, per CNET. For those who typically watch Netflix via an app or streaming player, the review removal will not be much of a noticeable change, as they were never available to read on either.

For those who use the DVD Netflix app to arrange their mailing queue, they will feel the impact of the feature's removal, as user reviews were available to read on that app. While Netflix subscribers will no longer have a convenient way to read reviews, they still have other avenues to seek advice on whether to stream or order something on Netflix. Albeit, doing so may not be as convenient. Netflix cited the feature's declining usage as the reason they were pulling the plug on it.

Like the now in-use thumbs up, thumbs down user review aggregator, it will require getting used to. That transition was arguably more devastating than this will be. Given how it will be phased out and the fact it was not easy to access, it should be a minor dent in the Netflix experience. The reviews posted on the site are or were relatively brief, providing enough information to give you an idea of, if you wanted to press play or not.

Now Netflix is sending people away from their site and on to others to read them. With this decision, the streamer is making subscribers go somewhat out of their way to read feedback on a series or movie. And it is a decision that could result in users relying even more upon IMDb, which is owned by Amazon, which in turn promotes Netflix's rival Amazon Prime.

While it does not seem like a big deal at first, it does give a Netflix subscriber exposure to having Amazon Prime cross-promoted to them, which could make them consider also subscribing to the latter streamer. Given that Netflix says interest in the review portion of its website has declined, they are clearly ready to take that chance.

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