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Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn and Tyler

Big Brother Season 20 has started! Ok, technically, it started more than a week ago, but the game was officially on during Thursday night's live episode when a handful of houseguests were blindsided by the first official eviction of the summer. To make matters even more interesting, the flipped voter won Head of Household. What will Kaitlyn do with her power this week? We've got the latest from the Live Feeds. Spoilers ahead!

This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds -- specifically, who Kaitlyn nominated for eviction, along with some speculation about her plans.

Here's how everything has stacked up so far:

Head of Household





Won the Veto

Not played yet

Won the Crap App

Not sure yet

Won the Power App

Not sure yet

The feeds dropped for an extended period of time twice today, first for the houseguests to learn whether they're trending for better or worse. I haven't seen anything conclusive about who won the crap app and who won the power, so that situation is pending. The feeds dropped again after the houseguests had dinner for nominations. (UPDATE: Hearing reports that Rachel got the crap app.)

As expected, Winston and Scottie were nominated. I say "expected" because Kaitlyn revealed that part of her plan to numerous houseguests during talks today. As for her ultimate plan, she's talked a bit about a backdoor plan for someone. I'm pretty sure it's Swaggy C, though she was pretty cagy about that in the conversations I witnessed, and she's said different things to different people. She hasn't been entirely up front with people she claims to be loyal to in the house. That's no surprise, considering she proved her loyalties are flexible when Tyler convinced her to vote Steve out, resulting in Sam's safety.

Kaitlyn does know that Sam has the power. Sam confirmed that to her during the same conversation that Kaitlyn assured Sam she's doing a backdoor plan and that her planned nominations are pawns. She also assured Scottie before noms that he was safe. Why anyone bothers to assure anyone safety before putting them on the block, I don't know. Anything can happen, and the Veto has not yet been played. If Swaggy is her target and he manages to win the Veto, Kaitlyn will need to choose another target. Or it's possible whoever wins the Veto won't use it.

It's an interesting second-eviction week in the Big Brother house. While Kaitlyn may have big plans to make a major move, she's taking a chance in not ensuring the votes to get out her target. Presumably, she'll work that out after Veto is played. Or she's assuming that once the nominations are finalized after the Veto ceremony, the target will be a lock to get out. But there are variables the HoH can't control and she doesn't seem to be especially concerned about that right now.

In other news, Big Brother scores major points by using the live feed downtime to air episodes from past seasons of the show. But Big Brother loses points by only having a handful of episodes in rotation (today anyway). They were already through that playlist by the time the nominations were happening. It's a great way to keep viewers' eyes on the feeds while they're down, but hopefully they add more episodes to the mix.

And in annoying news, the houseguests are already getting into hot water for controversial conversations and behavior.

Next up, the Veto competition needs to be played. We'll get an updated posted once we have the results.

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