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Saturday in the Big Brother house is Veto day. At some point during the day, the Live Feeds flip to reruns of old Big Brother episodes while six houseguests compete for the power of Veto. We've got the latest on who won the Veto, along with who was nominated, in case you missed that update, and who has the apps for the week. This is information that hasn't been revealed in the episodes, so if you don't want to be spoiled, read no further!

Here's how things are going down in the Big Brother house right now...

Head of Household





Won the Veto


Veto Used?

Not yet

Won the Apps

Bayleigh (Identity Theft Power - Can take over an HoH's nominations)

Haleigh (ReadIt! punishment - Has to read Hamlet aloud)

Scottie Veto

The Veto competition took place on Saturday afternoon and when the feeds returned, Scottie was wearing it around his neck. The Veto Ceremony won't take place until Monday, however right now it seems unlikely that he plans to use it on either Winston or Brett. Of course, there's a whole day between now and when the ceremony happens, so anything's possible.

The bros made an attempt to secure a secret final three deal with Scottie, but it's not likely he'll go for that. At this point, if the nominations stay the same, it's just a matter of whether Brett or Winston will go. Brett is perceived to be the smarter player, so the majority of the house may decide he's the better choice to be evicted. However, sometimes there's a benefit to keeping a perceived bigger target around.

As we talked about yesterday, there are still multiple powers in play. Assuming Tyler has no reason to think he's going on the block during this week's Veto ceremony (which is pretty much the case), he won't use his Cloud power. Bayleigh's Identity Theft is out of play until at least the next nomination ceremony. That just leaves Sam's Free Life, which she may decide to use to save one of the bros on Thursday. As of right now, I don't think that's going to happen, but it's still technically up in the air. If she doesn't use it this week, she'll be forced to use it next week. There are certainly benefits to hanging onto it, in the event she or one of her immediate allies are in jeopardy of eviction next week. But she may decide to get it over with this week and use it on whoever's evicted on Thursday.

Meanwhile, I'm curious to see how this week turns out for Scottie. If he was trying to play a low-key game at the start of the season, he threw that away this week when he won Head of Household and then the Veto. While I don't know that targeting the bros is going to result in immediate backlash against him next week, he probably won't be seen as a harmless player going forward.

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