A Batwoman TV Show Is Being Set Up To Join The CW's Arrow-verse

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The CW lit up a lot of fans' eyes when it was announced that comic heroine Batwoman would be introduced to the Arrow-verse via the next big crossover event. Now, it appears the DC-heavy network isn't looking to stop there, as a Batwoman TV show has gone into development. It hasn't gotten a full-blown series order just yet, but it's not like The CW is rejecting superhero shows left and right or anything.

Unsurprisingly, Arrow-verse co-chief Greg Berlanti will be overseeing the development of the first live-action Batwoman project, which speaks to its potential success even more, since Berlanti is the most prolific TV producer out there right now, with roughly 5,683 shows on the air. (It's actually around 14 or 15 at this point.) Handling script duties for Batwoman will be Caroline Dries, who will also executive produce. Dries is quite familiar with genre dramas on the network, having been a writer on Smallville before later becoming a writer and producer on The Vampire Diaries. Seems like a great fit for all involved, and especially for the fans who want to see different heroes getting their turn on the small screen.

Batwoman's openly lesbian vigilante goes by the name of Kate Kane, who dons her costume to make noise on the streets of Gotham City with a vendetta committed to social justice. With street-fighting skills to spare, Kate makes it her duty to rid the city of an underworld slowly returning to power. Unfortunately, Kate has her own personal battles to deal with in the meantime that hold her back from becoming the hero Gotham needs, but those are battles made for conquering.

Not only is Batwoman heading to TV for the first time in this winter's crossover event, but it'll be the first time that The CW legitimately brings Gotham City and the Batman mythos into the fold, after years of name drops and overt references on Arrow, The Flash and the rest. Production has begun on a few of the super-shows, and it's presumed that the creative teams are hammering out details for the four-series crossover event. Which must mean the powers that be got more excited about introducing Batwoman than originally expected, giving them the confidence to potentially keep expanding the Arrow-verse for 2019 and beyond.

Granted, Gotham City isn't exactly unexplored territory on TV, with Fox's own Gotham heading into its fifth and final season at the start of the year. And there are currently two Joker-centered movies in development, along with plenty of other bat-tastic big screen fare.

Only in development now, Batwoman likely has a ways to go before the network will be willing to go public with announcements about its future. But until then, nobody let Barry Allen touch anything! You can find Barry and the rest of the Arrow-verse heroes when they hit The CW for their successive seasons. Head to The CW's fall schedule to see the exact dates, and our summer premiere schedule will clue you in on everything else.

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