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Arrow's Stephen Amell Celebrated Season 6 With A Supernatural Throwback

Stephen Amell may be the face of The CW's programming in the present, but back in 2012, he was just an actor on the set of a new show, hoping Arrow would take off. He also may have been a fan of one existing CW series, as the actor recently shared a souvenir he got from Supernatural's Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki that jokingly asked him to stay off the show's set:

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Stephen Amell shared his special Supernatural memento as Arrow gears up for Season 7 and Season 6 heads to Blu-Ray Tuesday, August 14. Amell sounds as though he intends to gift Jensen Ackles a copy when it's out, thus staying true to the actor's wish and perhaps subtly reminding the men they could've sprung for an autographed Blu-Ray of Supernatural Season 6 for Amell but didn't. Of course, it's not as though their choice in format really made that much of a difference to Amell, as the picture shows that actually opening the DVD box set would've destroyed both Supernatural stars' autographs on the plastic wrap.

Ackles might have imagined Arrow would still be around to see Season 6, although it's hard to believe anyone would've imagined the show would be so successful that it would transform The CW into one of the premiere platforms for DC live-action shows. Supernatural went from being the only other paranormal type show on the network other than The Vampire Diaries in 2011, to now where The CW has solid blocks of superhero and supernatural type programming airing four nights a week. One would imagine if Jensen Ackles was truly unaware of how to spell Stephen Amell's name in his note on the DVD, he certainly knows how to spell it now!

Arrow and Supernatural fans alike were thrilled to see Stephen Amell tweeting at Jensen Ackles, and once again speculation spun up that the two shows would collide in a crossover. Stephen Amell has publicly talked about wanting to make it happen for a while, so this tweet could be his way of subtly prepping fans for the big announcement that the two worlds are finally going to collide. That seems unlikely given Season 7 of Arrow starts with our hero locked away, but maybe Sam and Dean end up breaking Oliver out of the clink to shoot arrows at a demon or something like that.

Arrow returns to The CW for Season 7 Monday, October 15 at 8:00 p.m ET. As for Supernatural, Season 14 is set to kick off Thursday, October 11 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a list of other upcoming superhero shows headed to television in the near future, head over to our superhero premiere guide. Those looking to see what's coming to television regardless of anyone's wearing a cape or using superpowers can visit our summer premiere guide.

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