The Awesome Plan The Flash Has For King Shark In Season 5

The Flash has introduced a whole bunch of crazy villains over the years, ranging from bizarre metas to humans who just have a flair for evildoing. One of the show's most memorable bad guys doesn't actually look so much like a bad guy as a bad fish. King Shark was once a marine biologist by the name of Shay Lamden, who worked as a marine biologist until the particle accelerator malfunctioned and he transformed into a man/shark creature later known as King Shark. He didn't appear in the fourth season, but The Flash executive producer Todd Helbing revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that there are plans to bring King Shark back as part of an awesome villainous team-up:

We've been trying to do this for a long time and we just run out of money, to be honest. But we're gonna really try to get King Shark and Grodd to do a little [together]. Probably the second half, if we have money.

Yes, The Flash intends to team up King Shark with none other than Gorilla Grodd! If all goes according to plan (and The Flash doesn't go over budget), viewers could see these two baddies join forces to undoubtedly cause a lot of trouble for the good guys of the Arrow-verse. Although both are primarily Flash villains, Grodd did drop by Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 to menace a young Barack Obama and King Shark has interacted with Arrow's Diggle and Lyla, so who knows? Maybe their team-up episode could take place in a crossover, even if it's in one of those mini crossovers recently pitched by Emily Bett Rickards. King Shark and Grodd certainly have the potential to wreak havoc all over Earth-1 if unleashed and banded together.

A big question is what could happen to bring these two together. Aside from both being affected by the particle accelerator dark matter and having a serious bone to pick with Team Flash, they don't have a whole lot in common. Then again, Flash villains don't always need the most clear-cut motivations to band together. Barry has a knack for accumulating rogues who are happy to team up if it means a decent shot at taking out the Scarlet Speedster.

Given that these two CGI baddies wouldn't be cheap for The Flash to bring to life in the same episode, we can probably bet that a lot of thought will going into writing the episode. Surely Todd Helbing and Co. wouldn't waste the money on an episode that doesn't make sense and only exists to see these two iconic characters share the screen! Does that mean it would be the most serious episode ever to hit the airwaves? Certainly not. This is a man/shark and giant sentient gorilla we're talking about. Still, The Flash has proven in the past that these bad guys are not exactly laughable when it comes to battle.

We'll have to wait and see. The new Season 5 villain may not require quite as much CGI as past Flash villains, so perhaps there will still be enough money by the second half of the season to create King Shark and Grodd in the same hour of television. The whole Arrow-verse will be back on the airwaves by the end of October, and you can learn the new time slots for some of the superhero shows on The CW's fall TV schedule. Our summer TV guide can help you out now as well.

Laura Hurley
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