Supergirl Cast An Iconic DC Comics Character For Season 4

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Just a week after Supergirl revealed three fresh faces joining the cast for Season 4, some news is rolling out that yet another actress will join the series. Rhona Mitra, who audiences may know from her past roles on shows like The Last Ship, The Strain, or The Practice, has jumped on board as an iconic DC Comics character many Superman fans will recognize. Mitra will play Mercy Graves who will almost certainly be a thorn in Kara's side when things kick off.

For those who don't know, Mercy Graves is the long-time female bodyguard of Lex Luthor. With Lex in prison, Mercy will strut onto the scene of Supergirl as a major face in the human-first movement. Deadline reported Rhona Mitra's role as Mercy is recurring, and that she'll share a spotlight with actor Robert Baker who will play Mercy's brother Otis.

Mercy Graves has been a longtime character in the DC Comics lore, although her debut came outside of the world of print. Much like Harley Quinn, Mercy became a thing thanks to Bruce Timm and made her debut in the iconic Superman: The Animated Series:

Mercy Graves' character has changed many times since then, and prior to Rhona Mitra's portrayal was recently played by Tao Okamoto in the film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Graves' story in Supergirl will portray her as an ex-Cadmus agent who is pro-human and essentially anti anything that isn't. The portrayal isn't a far cry from past iterations of Graves, although it will be interesting to see the character operate without Lex around to call the shots. Fortunately for Graves, it appears as though Season 4 will have a plethora of baddies gunning to take down Kara, so if she ends up realizing she's a better sidekick than a leader, she may be able to buddy up with another baddie.

Of course, who needs a team-up when Mercy Graves will have her lesser celebrated brother around to do her bidding? Otis is reported to be not the sharpest tool in the shed. But what he lacks in smarts he can more than make up for with strength, as the character has an innate ability to assassinate and incapacitate alien foes. Superman fans may remember Otis from the classic films, and his not so bright ideas:

Supergirl Season 4 is headed back to The CW and will premiere Sunday, October 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when each Arrow-verse show will premiere on The CW, click here. Those wishing to see what all superhero type programming is premiering in the near future can find out by visiting our superhero premiere guide. For a look at everything else set to premiere this summer, visit our summer premiere guide.

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