Ozark Season 2 Trailer Makes Things Even More Intense For The Byrde Family

A new trailer for Ozark Season 2 has arrived just in time to pump fans up for the drama's return to Netflix in late August, and things are just as intense as they've ever been in the Missouri mountains. It's all thanks to Marty Byrde and the terrible situation he's created for him and his family, and unfortunately, it appears things are going to get way worse before they get any better. Our latest look at the upcoming season teases thrilling action, familiar characters, and a sense that things are about to implode for the Byrde family at any moment:

Marty has enemies on all sides when Ozark Season 2 kicks off, and he looks to be in pure survival mode. What used to just be trouble with the Navarro drug cartel has now evolved into an agreement with the Snells, as well as an obligation to his protege Ruth Langmore. None of these parties seems too happy in the trailer, as Darlene Snell is clearly agitated during her conversation with Marty, and we see Ruth badmouthing her boss to someone off-camera. Both women proved in Season 1 that they're not ones to piss off in Season 1, so Marty better mind his p's and q's around both, lest he find himself in a boating "accident" or staring down the barrel of a gun.

On top of all that, Roy Petty and the FBI are hot on Marty's trail, and they're watching his every move in hopes that he'll slip up so they can make a big arrest. That seems more likely now than ever, since Ozark Season 2 appears as if it will show Marty fighting back to protect his family while also trying to fulfill an arrangement in which failure would almost certainly result in the death of his family. Of course, nothing that happens is entirely his fault, as the season's tagline "We are our choices" appears to show that everyone shares a bit of blame in this hazardous situation.

Ruth Langmore's father Cade is nowhere to be seen in this trailer, so we'll have to wait to see how his reign of chaos goes. But the newest addition to the cast, actress Janet McTeer, is featured quite a bit. McTeer plays a powerful Chicago attorney with strong ties to the cartel, which means she's yet another foe that Marty must deal with in Ozark Season 2. With all these enemies invested in this troublesome situation, one has to wonder why the Byrde family stands so strongly against violence throughout the new trailer!

Ozark Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Friday, August 31, at 12:01 a.m. PT. For more on Ozark Season 2, read up on how Jason Bateman thinks this season will be different than the last. And for a look at what else is coming to Netflix around that time, visit our Netflix premiere guide. Additionally, television lovers can visit our summer premiere guide and see what shows still have yet to premiere before fall starts.

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