Bull Season 3 Casts New Character Following Annabelle Attanasio's Exit

The third season of Bull has been shaken up by the departure of actress Annabelle Attanasio, who left the show following the end of Season 2. Attanasio played TAC's research expert Cable McCrory on the series. Now comes the news fans of the show have undoubtedly been awaiting. Bull has found a replacement to fill the void left by Cable, and as a result, a new member for Trial Analysis Corporation's team will enter the fray.

That lucky actress is Vinyl's MacKenzie Meehan, per THR. Meehan is joining the cast in a recurring capacity. And her character sounds like she could be a real firebrand. TAC's new team member is Taylor, a single mom who is in no way Jason's acolyte. She treats her job on the team as a job only, and you are probably not going to find her working overtime. Taylor is described as expecting to leave TAC at an agreed upon time with her weekends free.

Those are not the only things we know about Taylor. She has a history with Marissa. They used to be colleagues at the Department of Homeland Security. As for Cable's expert abilities in coding and hacking, do not worry. Taylor will have that covered as she is also an expert in those fields. It sounds like Bull has created a highly qualified character to take over Cable's beat on the series, although fans will miss the character.

In case you are wondering why Annabelle Attanasio decided to leave the CBS drama, there is a good reason. She left the show to direct her first feature film. It is unclear if her exit is permanent. Her character was still alive at the end of Season 2, so the door is theoretically open for her to return to the show as Cable. As for the actress taking over Cable's spot on the series, MacKenzie Meehan may be a familiar face.

Instead of leaving you to wrack your brain or Google, CinemaBlend is here to save you some time. As well as starring on HBO's Vinyl, MacKenzie Meehan starred in The Wolf of Wall Street, and in a pretty pivotal role. Meehan portrayed Hildy Azoff, the wife of Jonah Hill's Donnie.

In that role, MacKenzie Meehan demonstrated some major scene-stealing abilities, so Bull fans are in for a treat with her joining the show. Find out how Taylor joins the team, how Cable's absence is explained, and what the show is "Cable-bull" of without her when Bull returns.

The third season of Bull premieres Monday, September 24 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. For new television shows set to arrive this fall, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's fall premieres. If you are solely curious about what's coming up on CBS's lineup alone, you can check out the network's fall schedule here.

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