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Tom Ellis is an actor who is in shape, so much so that this year he was even a part of a Comic-Con panel with a bunch of other buff dudes that EW calls "Brave Warriors," but might as well be called "Dudes Who Look Great With Shirts Off." Since his TV show Lucifer is no longer cancelled, he can't be expected to sit around and eat chips and put on a few pounds anymore, either. In fact, he recently shared that he's been getting in shape for the upcoming Season 4. He's even been busy hashtagging recent posts with the cleverly worded #DevilTraining. Take a look.

We've known since June that Netflix was happy enough with the product that Lucifer had been putting out on Fox that the subscription streaming service picked up the show for Season 4. Netflix isn't exactly on a network schedule, however, so it's unclear when all of the episodes in Season 4 will drop. However, we did learn a while ago that production on the new season of Lucifer was expected to happen this month, and the first day of production officially began on August 13. So, if Tom Ellis isn't in devilishly good shape yet, he'd better be happy with where he's at because Season 4 is already rolling.

We should note the move to get back in shape is not solely show-centered, however. The actor revealed a few weeks ago that he and his daughter actually have a bet going, in which Tom Ellis has to get a 6-pack by November, when he turns 40. If he doesn't, he loses in more ways than one. Luckily, training seems to be going well so far.

Lucifer Season 4 very nearly never happened, and those who are involved with the show have been open about being grateful that the series has a second chance. It looks like Tom Ellis is taking things a step further by getting into peak fitness for the role, as well. Plus, there's nothing better to clear your mind about approaching a new decade of your life than being in the best shape of your life. Here's hoping 2019, with its milestone birthday and milestone TV season for Ellis, ends up being a great year.

We'll let you know as soon as Lucifer Season 4 has a premiere date. In the meantime, take a look at our full rundown of what's headed to streaming with our Netflix schedule.