The Lady Who Has Sex With Ghosts Now Wants To Marry One And Have Its Baby

Amethyst Realm, the woman who claims to have sex with ghosts, is back, and this time she's looking to do some family planning with her current spectral lover. Have a listen to her latest chat about how serious ghost sex has gotten for her, below:

So, Amethyst Realm, who considers herself a "spiritual guidance counselor," was on vacation in Australia and decided to take a walk through the bush (which is a term used to describe the wild places of the country that are far away from cities), when she was approached by what she describes as an "emotional, sort of physical presence." Seeing as how these sort of encounters are pretty standard for Realm, given her line of work and how she likes to spend her free time, it makes sense that This Morning hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes would have a lot of questions about why this particular entity is so special for her. And, in the telling of her experience with her beloved Australian apparition, Realm did not disappoint.

According to Realm, her ghostly lover, who she says is "very ancient, very wise, very kind," has become personal and special to her mainly because she's fallen in love with "him." She also notes that, even though her work has lead her to come into contact with many spirits, she was never expecting to actually fall in love with one. I guess we can call that a match point for ghost love!

Most people in actual, romantic relationships will go on and on about the deeply meaningful conversations they have with their chosen partner, but that proves to not be quite so easy for Realm. When asked what she and her incorporeal being discuss during their downtime, all she can really reveal to Ruth and Eamonn is that their relationship is deeper than typical Earthbound romances, and that they actually "don't have a need for conversation" because it's more about "emotion and feeling and connection." That sounds pretty hard to get to without talking to someone, but all of us who haven't fallen in love with ghosts are, admittedly, at a real disadvantage when Realm speaks about such things.

This is when Eamonn drops the real bombshell, and asks Realm to describe how she'll be able to start a family with her spiritual significant other. Apparently, even as a spiritual guidance counselor, this is a topic that even Realm has had to look into. She's hoping to give birth to a physical baby from what she calls a "phantom pregnancy." Hang on, guys, because this is about to get very confusing. During such a pregnancy, Realm believes that she will have a phantom growing in her womb as opposed to a human baby (makes sense), and while she hopes that eventual pregnancy will be carried to term and turn into a human, physical baby when she delivers, she's not sure if that's possible. As she notes when pressed by Ruth and Eamonn, "whether it be in spirit form or human form, I don't know."

You might be wondering at this point, just how Amethyst Realm is hoping to have a baby with the ghost she met in Australia while on vacation. Well, get ready for another shocker, because Realm's ghost actually followed her back to England, and the two have been dating for six months. Just when Realm thought she was leaving the love of her life behind, he surprised her on the airplane. And, because all of this has not been personal enough, Realm wants us to know that she and her ethereal admirer even joined the mile high club and had sex on the airplane.

In case you're wondering, Realm and her unseen beau plan to marry soon, and she maintains that their romance is much like any other. They've had some "tense" moments and have even been to the zoo. So, you know, don't knock what you can't see, I suppose.

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