This Is Us: How The Pearsons Are Dealing With Jack's Death In Season 3

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With This Is Us revealing the cause of Jack Pearson's death in Season 2 during the Super Bowl special, the drama will now address the early aftermath of his demise. Heading back in time to the 1990s, This Is Us will plunge head-first into the traumatic aftershocks that rock the Pearson family as they deal with their beloved patriarch's death in Season 3. Mandy Moore offered some insight into what fans can expect when the series picks up with Rebecca and the Big Three, saying:

It's tempers and bad behavior from the kids, and disconnection. Rebecca is trying her level best to push forward and pick up the pieces of their shattered life.

Fans should definitely have their tissues on hand because what Mandy Moore shared with EW sounds like it is going to be beyond emotional to watch unfold. Jack's death, long a center of talk on This Is Us, will now set up a story chronicling the grief that took place soon after in the 90s storyline. While there is despair in the past, where Jack's death is a fresh wound that tears at the very fabric of the family he loved, viewers will be transported further into the past for happier Jack-related times.

And it is bound to bring even more revelations connected to the late Pearson. That's because how Jack's wife and children are handling the grief process in the 90s is not the only Jack-related element that has been teased by Mandy Moore. Thanks to a This Is Us first look that offered a glimpse at footage from the upcoming season, fans knew that they would get to see Jack and Rebecca's first date at a carnival.

What they know a bit more about is the overall trajectory of said romance. As surprising as it may sound, Mandy Moore revealed that while fans expect there to be a "straight line" from Jack and Rebecca meeting to them "living happily ever after," it may not be that simple of a process. If that just made you fall down a rabbit hole of This Is Us theories, that is entirely understandable.

Of course, viewers are not strangers to the concept that Jack and Rebecca's life post-meeting was not punctuated by solely happy times. So, it makes sense that their early life together was faced with similar travails. As chronicled in the drama's first season especially, there were a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. As for their biggest down, fans will get to see how Rebecca kept the family she and Jack started together in Season 3 intact.

See for yourself how the Pearsons handle Jack's death when This Is Us' third season premieres Tuesday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The series' Season 3 premiere will be followed by the series premiere of New Amsterdam. Both will bow along with other series making their returns and premieres this fall on NBC and other networks.

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