Mandy Moore Says She Knows The End To This Is Us

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This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman recently revealed the series has already started filming its finale, and Mandy Moore said she knows how it all ends. Of course, Moore didn't spill the beans about exactly what happens in her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, but did share some background on shooting the scenes as well as what she thinks fans will think of it:

I do [know what happens]. I don't know if some of the actors that were shooting that were aware at the time, but I do [know what the ending is]. I think the ending will be very satisfying for people. I think it's very true to sort of what the show evokes from all of us. Dan's a master of that. People will feel their feelings.

"People will feel their feelings" should really be the tagline of This Is Us. Mandy Moore's take on fans' reactions to the finale isn't all that surprising, but the fact that she thinks some of the show's actors weren't aware parts of the endgame were being filmed is. That might mean whatever is being filmed isn't so significant that some actors are raising their eyebrows and questioning why a scene so far removed from what's currently going on is being filmed, or there's just some oblivious actors running around set.

One thing Moore did reveal is that it appears as though time is of the essence when it comes to filming these finale scenes. Mandy Moore told Jimmy Kimmel Live that part of the reason things for the end of This Is Us right now is because certain actors will only look older as things progress. She also added how great it is to know there is an ending, and that Dan Fogelman and crew have a clear vision of what's ahead for seasons to come:

Yes, we have. There's no predetermined end date. But you're good friends with Dan, our boss. I think he has an idea in his mind that when he sees the story ending and he knows how it ends---which makes me feel good as an actor and as a viewer [that] he knows where the story is heading. But I think just the nature of our show and the trajectory is that people are certain ages now. They're just going to keep getting older. So, you're capturing content in the can, now.

Sterling K. Brown teased months ago that the show's endgame will be in some way tied to Randall's flash-forward storyline in Season 3. Since then, fans have been coming up with various theories to try and figure out what's happening ahead of the show, but have had little success. Dan Fogelman must be pretty confident about fans not seeing this ending coming considering how often he lets the cast talk about it, so he better hope no one slips up and reveals something major in the time between now and the series' end.

This Is Us returns to NBC this fall for Season 3 on Tuesday, September 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out what other shows are premiering on NBC this fall here, or check out our summer premiere guide to see a list of shows that can be watched in the coming weeks. For more on This Is Us, check out this first look at Season 3 which shows Randall looking way too excited.

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