Supernatural Trailer Sets Up A Mysterious And Exciting Season 14

Supernatural is heading back for its 14th season, and the series is teasing that the archangel Michael wasting no time in making use of his new vessel, a.k.a. Dean's body. Fans have been bracing for a season that will begin without Jansen Ackles' Dean, and this Season 14 trailer gives us all a peek at exactly how that will go down. While it is a brief teaser, it gives fans a lot of mysterious moments to ponder until the show's return. Check it out below:

While Dean himself is absent in the trailer, his bodily appearance is not, which means that Jensen Ackles will be getting a chance to have some fun embodying a totally different character for a while. Supernatural's showrunner Andrew Dabb recently teased the season's dynamic is getting upended, given that the core relationship between Sam and Dean will not be present at the beginning of Season 14. That does not mean Sam and company are giving up on getting the elder Winchester back, of course.

In the meantime, Michael is heading around wreaking what appears to be quite a bit of havoc, as well as meeting up with the angel Anael, played by Jensen Ackles' real-life wife, Daneel Ackles. In the teaser, Jack makes it clear to Castiel that Michael has to be stopped, even if Dean has to die to make it happen. Of course, we all know that cannot occur, so everyone will have to somehow find a way to get rid of Michael without killing Dean. While it may seem an impossible task as Season 14 gets underway, the tall order will simply have to be filled.

Supernatural without Dean Winchester is tantamount to turkey without gravy. It's not a party without both brothers together. Thankfully, the Wayward Sisters will be around in Season 14 to hopefully help that along. Supernatural's showrunner previously confirmed that the characters from the vetoed spinoff will be organically drawn into the upcoming season's story while tying into Michael's storyline. While Sam seems a bit downtrodden about any hope surrounding saving Dean, Michael should not be hard to track down. He is rocking a full suit replete with a flat cap, which isn't exactly Dean's sense of style.

Supernatural is in for an intriguing season, and despite climbing towards its mid-teens, the show is still finding organic storylines to explore. The premiere is not too far off, and in the meantime, viewers will hopefully get an even more extended look at the upcoming season.

Before long the new season will be upon us! Supernatural Season 14 premieres on Thursday, October 11, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The veteran horror series is among a plethora of new programming set to arrive on The CW, along with other series coming this fall.

Britt Lawrence

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