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You are not the only one who finished watching Ozark Season 2 and is already ready for more. L.A. Lakers star and basketball legend LeBron James took to Twitter to share his enthusiasm for the series' second installment, and he tagged the cast to let them know. Like many, he cannot wait for the series to return and he shared his effusive praise for the Netflix drama on the social media site. Check out James' tweet below:

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How great is that? Answer: beyond great. Not only does LeBron James love the Byrde family; he is also a huge fan of Julia Garner's Ruth, and he let his 42.5 million followers know it. While some of the Ozark cast are not on Twitter, the ones that are active on the social media platform have responded to James' awesome tweet. As you would expect, they are thrilled about it.

One of the Ozark stars swift to respond has been none other than Jason Bateman. Quoting LeBron James' tweet with the following message, Bateman shared whether he was sitting down or standing up when he saw the tweet. Read Jason Bateman's response for yourself below:

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Jason Bateman was not the only Ozark star elated by LeBron James' review. Scrolling through the responses to James' tweet, there was one from the actor who plays the youngest member of the Byrde family. Skylar Gaertner, who portrays Marty and Wendy's son Jonah, responded to the NBA superstar's complimentary tweet. Gaertner, who James tagged in his tweet, expressed his thanks to the L.A. Laker for his Ozark tweet.

The Ozark star added that he was glad LeBron James liked the show. How sweet! Fans will have to stay tuned to social media to see if anyone else from the cast, thanks James for the awesome shout-out. This is one of the prime examples of why it is so amazing when public figures are on social media.

LeBron James is ready for Season 3, so when is it happening? Well, Netflix has yet to officially renew or confirm there will be a third installment of the acclaimed series. Given its success, it is hard to imagine the streaming giant not wanting the drama to go on for another season, at least. While seeing how the Byrdes handle their future is open to exploration, there is one particular plot point the show left gaping open that has to be resolved.

The first and second season of Ozark is currently streaming on Netflix. If there is a third season, it will hopefully arrive soon. The second season came out a little more than a year after the series initially bowed on the streamer. So, there is reason to at least hope, the third season will follow suit. In the meantime, television fans have a myriad of new content options to watch on the streaming giant and other platforms this fall.

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