One Jersey Shore Family Vacation Star Was Totally Pregnant While Filming Season 2

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 1 was filled with lots of twists and turns, but it's sounding like Season 2 already has it beat. The show just wrapped filming on the new season without Ronnie with the cast following a messy altercation with his baby mama, and now the news is out that one of the castmates was totally pregnant during the new season. Deena Nicole Cortese will join her friends Snooki and JWoww in becoming a mother as the reality star took to social media to confirm she's expecting a baby boy in December:

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Deena Cortese announced in the Season 1 finale of Jersey Shore Family Vacation she was going to go home and try to have a kid with her husband Christopher Buckner, and she stuck to her word! The couple, who have been married since October 2017, chose a July themed star-spangled photo shoot to spread the news of their pregnancy and appeared to have had a "blast in a glass" doing so. Deena's Instagram caption revealed the baby will be named Christopher John, and that he'll probably be the most spoiled little boy ever.

Pregnancy rumors had been spreading prior to Deena Cortese's announcement, as paparazzi and those spying on the filming of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2 noted the reality star wasn't seen alongside the rest of her castmates in Vegas. Deena, not wishing to let the word out too soon, announced she had some personal things going on that prevented her from filming in Vegas, and denied that she was pregnant. Deena has since deleted the posts denying her pregnancy and is apparently now fine with everyone knowing she has a kid on the way. Though Cortese may not have been around for a portion of Season 2's filming in Las Vegas, she was spotted alongside the house during the final leg of filming which took place back in New Jersey.

The timing of Deena's pregnancy certainly calls into question whether or not she'll be back to film a potential Season 3 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The show's first two seasons have had a rampant filming schedule thus far with filming happening twice in 2018, which may be more time than Deena wishes to spend away from her newborn child. Of course, should filming come later in 2019, Deena might be ok with taking just a short break away from her baby to get out of the house for the perfect guilt-free excuse to party it up.

MTV is bringing back Jersey Shore Family Vacation for Season 2 this August. For a list of shows to watch over the next few weeks until then, hit up our summer premiere guide. For more on the original cast of Jersey Shore, check out what Sammi Sweetheart thought of that sex doll Pauly D brought to the Miami shore house in Season 1.

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