Swamp Thing Cast Jennifer Beals To Play An Intriguing New DC Universe Character

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Swamp Thing is coming to the small screen with his own live-action series on DC Universe, and we now know one more character who will be in the mix when he makes his debut next year. Jennifer Beals of Taken, The L Word, and of course Flashdance will tackle an intriguing role in one of DC Universe's most ambitious upcoming series. This won't be a character out of the comics, but rather one created for the Swamp Thing series. Here's what we know.

Jennifer Beals is on board to play a character by the name of Lucilia Cable. Lucilia is the sheriff of the town of Marais, and she works to protect Marais with pragmatism and devotion. When strange things begin happening to Marais, she has no choice but to do everything in her power to protect everyone and everything from the mysterious forces threatening the community. Lucilia is not devoted simply to her community, however. She's as devoted -- or perhaps even more devoted -- to her son Matt.

Based on the early description of Jennifer Beals' character, it sounds like we can expect a woman who will do whatever it takes to protect her son and Marais. Interestingly, "marais" is actually French for "swamp," so the town in Swamp Thing is actually called "Swamp." Beal joins Crystal Reed of Gotham and Teen Wolf fame. Reed plays female lead Abby Arcane, and it sounds like Lucilia and Abby won't have a ton in common.

Abby hails from a small town in Louisiana, but she left to become a doctor at the CDC. She returns to her hometown -- which we can probably now say is Marais -- after the emergence of a mysterious epidemic that seems to be born in the swamp and could result in a whole lot of death. During her investigations, she'll encounter a scientist named Alec Holland, and it will be via Alec that she is introduced to the supernatural and presumably the Swamp Thing. Lucilia may be focused more on the effects of the supernatural forces on the town than the science behind what is causing them.

It's worth noting that Abby's return to her hometown will force her to face some of the emotional demons that she had left behind. If some of those emotional demons involve a run-in with the law, perhaps we'll learn that she has a past with Lucilia. There's enough of an age difference between Jennifer Beals and Crystal Reed that Swamp Thing could sell that Lucilia was a member of law enforcement back when Abby was a child or a teen.

A big question now is who will play Alec Holland and the Swamp Thing. Only time will tell. Swamp Thing isn't slated to premiere until 2019, with the live-action Titans as the first original series to debut on DC Universe in the not-too-distant future, and these two shows probably are not going to cross over at least early on in their runs. Be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in superhero news. If you're in the mood for some non-streaming DC superhero shows, you can soon find a number of them airing on The CW thanks to the Arrow-verse.

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