Of Course Jersey Shore's Vinny And Pauly Know Each Other's Weirdest Sex Location

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Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D's bromance could be clever editing by the Jersey Shore Family Vacation crew, although, if so, everyone is pretty committed to pretending it's a genuine friendship between two reality show pals. The two actually put their relationship to the test recently via a "Bromittment Game," for MTV, and it turns out they know a lot of crazy stuff about each other. This included birthday dates, biggest pet peeves they have about each other, and of course, the weirdest location they've ever had sex.

First up to guess was Vinny, who, without hesitation, guessed Pauly D's weirdest hookup location was inside of an airplane. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation member looked surprised when he was right, and later admitted it was a guess that he "pulled out of his ass." That almost makes it more impressive, considering Vinny was just going off his instincts and what he knows about his friend to get the correct answer. Or, maybe he just figured Pauly spends so much time on tour he's had to join the mile-high club at least once over the years.

Pauly D was up next, and while his initial guess of an elevator was wrong, he managed to correctly determine Vinny's spot was a club bathroom on his second try. It wasn't quite as impressive as Vinny's hail mary guess, although Pauly D does get a pass, considering he was able to answer more correct questions about Vinny than vice versa. The two also tackled questions that involved knowing each others birthdays, middle names, and their biggest pet peeves:

Some of those answers were a little obvious, as many in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast take issue with Vinny's Keto diet. Pauly was particularly weirded out by his pal's new lifestyle change in Season 1 of the revival, as he watched a drunken Vinny pull the cheese and meat from a pizza and leave the crust behind. On the flip side, everyone is definitely annoyed by Pauly's hyperactivity, which he often displays in the morning when he wakes up his friends by screaming.

MTV's video offers some pretty compelling evidence Vinny and Pauly are just as tight as the Jersey Shore franchise has led audiences to believe, but is it just another piece of propaganda to convince viewers the two are closer than they actually are? Even if it were, it's hard to believe the duo aren't that close after serving as each other's wingmen since the original show first aired back in 2009. Whatever the true nature of their friendship is, we doubt we're going to see these two best buds splitting up anytime in the show's near future, because viewers love their bromance.

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