Lacey Chabert Explains Why She Likes Hallmark's Happy Endings

Love on Safari Lacey Chabert
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Lacey Chabert is preparing for the premiere of her all-new Hallmark movie Love on Safari, and many fans can probably predict how it will conclude. Especially since one of the things Hallmark original movies are known for is how they embrace the fairy-tale-like happy ending at a time when other mediums will sometimes avoid it. So what does Hallmark movie favorite Lacey Chabert love about them? Chabert explained, saying:

One of the things I love about it is you're guaranteed a happy ending. There are always obstacles along the way, but I think in the world we're living in today, to be a part of a project that adds a little love and light and levity into the world is something I'm very proud of. People I run into on the street who talk about the movies and fans who contact me on social media, that's really the No. 1 thing people say, 'Thanks for making something my whole family can watch that's uplifting.

While the movies' endings are predictable, Hallmark's (like Lifetime's) are enchantingly easy to predict. The comfort of knowing how Hallmark's romantic comedies will end is arguably a strong part of the popular movies' appeal, as Lacey Chabert's explanation to ET so succinctly states. The movies' other plus is the fact that romantic comedies have been a rare thing to behold on the silver screen lately, so fans who have missed their quaint charm are definitely in need of a rom-com infusion.

Another aspect which adds to the appeal of Hallmark movies is that, as Lacey Chabert pointed out, they are family friendly. That is something that is increasingly rare to find these days. And the relationships in Hallmark movies give viewers a lot to discuss afterward. Should this particular couple have had a happy ending, even though they got one? Was this a healthy relationship to continue, or begin in the first place? That answer is not always as consistently evident as the ending is.

In Lacey Chabert's new movie Love on Safari, her character Kira is part of the love triangle formula that Hallmark will sometimes call upon. In the film, Kira is faced with a potential new love interest in the form of Tom, meaning she must choose between Tom and her current boyfriend. That's not the only choice Kira has to make. Chabert's heroine must also decide if she wants to sell the animal reserve she has inherited in South Africa, or leave her current home in the U.S. to keep it.

It is comforting to know that Kira will get her happy ending, and in doing so, you can relax watching the movie, knowing that it will all work out. It is a luxury real-life does not have. As an avid Hallmark viewer, there is something else worth sharing about the movies.

The strife that leads to the mini-breakup that so commonly precedes the happy ending often occurs between the one-hour and forty-to-forty-five-minute mark of the movie. At least, it has historically. Don't worry, though! Love on Safari's happy ending will prevail before the movie's two-hour broadcast runs out of time.

You can watch Lacey Chabert in the brand new Hallmark movie Love on Safari when it premieres July 28 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Channel. For other television content, you can watch this summer, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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