The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore Nearly Got Impaled In Hurricane Michael Coverage

The Weather Channel may have recently been accused of dramatizing weather segments to make storms look worse than they actually are, but this one looks legit. Jim Cantore is notorious for traveling to the worst weather situations in America and putting himself in the thick of it to deliver a story. The meteorologist did just that during Hurricane Michael, and could have been impaled by debris that flew in his direction during a live shot. Take a look.

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Jim Cantore spotted a 2x4 sailing his direction mid-sentence and successfully managed to move to the side as it went past. He's lucky his reflexes were on point, as one would imagine a piece of debris moving that fast toward someone could do some damage if it hit them. The meteorologist was rattled enough to seek temporary shelter behind a pillar, although his lack of reference to it on his social media seems to indicate it was just another day at the office.

The internet community was thankful Jim Cantore was safe, although there are a good number of folks who doubted he was ever in danger in the first place. Most skeptics found it surprising Cantore was able to spot out a fast-moving piece of debris through all the wind and rain and dodge it. It led to speculation that someone off camera may have thrown the debris, and that the segment was a planned stunt to help dramatize the report and make things more exciting.

That theory may be a bit easier to believe weeks after the viral weatherman lean video, and there have been videos that accused Jim Cantore of playing his reports up in the past. In Cantore's defense, however, the audio shows the debris made a sound before he spotted it. The sound could mean the piece skipped across the ground and slowed its momentum, or it was dislodged from a structure that was relatively close to where they were reporting. Either way, the sound appeared to alert Cantore before the object sailed his way, which helped his reaction time.

One thing no one seems to be disputing is that Hurricane Michael and storms like it are dangerous, and Jim Cantore could've been seriously injured for reporting out in the storm. That hasn't stopped him before, as he seems to thrive on the adrenaline of going out in bad weather and getting an up-close view at the raw power of mother nature. Some may say he enjoys it a little too much, as another viewer captured a much more lighthearted clip of Cantore making some sensual sounding grunts:

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