The Rebooted Charmed Has Premiered, Here's What Audiences Think

Charmed reboot in 2018

There is often a dichotomy between critics and audience reviews and with the 2018 Charmed reboot, it seems to be no different. The show premiered on The CW on Sunday night and ahead of its premiere it earned decent reviews, snagging a 70% positive rating on the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. Fans seemingly liked it less, as the same site ranks fan reviews at 33%.

However, after the show actually aired, a slew of people took to social media with strong thoughts about the Charmed reboot premiere. Good to meh to great reviews all had strong showings, and we've culled through some of the most interesting comments.

Related to the new show, there are a lot of positives fans of the original show saw in the new series. For instance, one Twitter user really liked that Andy is now a female character.

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Other people really didn't like what the new Charmed ones brought to the series. One user went so far as to call the reboot "garbage," noting,

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Some users weren't totally open about their ultimate love or hate for the new CW drama remake, but they did at least point out things they thought worked about the series:

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Finally, one user was not impressed by the pilot, but at least is ready to give Charmed a second view during Episode 2 to see whether or not the show might become something more watchable.

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All in all, a lot of people have been keeping an eye on the Charmed remake as it came together. Much of the spotlight on the show came because the cast of the original Charmed did not seem keen about the CW remaking the popular drama, about a series of sisters who are good witches. Holly Marie Combs, in particular, talked about how a reboot just made it clear that the actresses in the original series are aging and that reboots "fair better" when they at least look to the roots of the original as source material.

Still, The CW pressed forward with the new concept and the girls on the new show have been really congenial about the situation. They've noted they feel "really lucky" to be able to reboot the series, even if they haven't been fully backed by the original cast. We'll still have to wait and see whether or not the new production ends up building a big audience on network TV, although we know the premiere hit with a middling 1.54 episodes.

New episodes of Charmed will air on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET, only on The CW. To see what else has yet to premiere this fall, take a look at our full guide.

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