The Vampire Diaries Spinoff Legacies Already Got Some Good News From The CW

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The Vampire Diaries franchise has been a prominent fixture of The CW since its namesake debuted in 2009. Nearly a decade and one spinoff later, the latest installment in the franchise is about to debut. Before that could even happen, The CW has already made a crucial decision regarding Legacies' future. The network has ordered more scripts for the series' freshman season.

It is not an episode order but requesting more scripts is a positive sign in that vein. So, how many additional scripts has the network ordered? Three, per TVLine. Thus, bringing its total script order to sweet 16. The move bodes well for the show, which is set to premiere later this month. Legacies is the second spinoff in The Vampire Diaries franchise and a direct sequel to The Originals. The series will draw on characters from both of its predecessors.

Legacies follows the daughter of Klaus and Hayley, both characters introduced on The Vampire Diaries. They went on to star in The Originals as its lead characters. The series ended in August 2018. Following the events of that show's finale, Klaus and Hayley's daughter Hope will be attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Offering her guidance will be the school's headmaster and Vampire Diaries' alum Alaric Saltzman. Also attending the school will be Alaric's twin daughters, Josie and Lizzie.

Their mom, Caroline, will be absent when the series begins. That is a mystery unto itself, which Legacies will hopefully solve sooner rather than later. Considering Caroline's relationship with Hope's father, it would be neat to have that to draw on during the freshman season. In the meantime, the show has cast an exciting new character, who will be played by Once Upon a Time's Karen David. She will play Emma, the school's bewitching guidance counselor.

There is a lot of anticipation around Legacies. So, if things work out, The CW could end up ordering more episodes. While there was a lot of upset from fans regarding how The Originals ended, time may have healed things some. Legacies will center on Klaus' daughter, and her adventures will offer a touchstone to both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. It will do things a bit differently than those shows did, especially the former.

Legacies will take its time before introducing a big bad for the season. Interestingly, romance will be another are the show diverges from its predecessors. In related news, Legacies will subtly reference Elena and her life with Damon. So, "Delena" fans have something to look forward too. Plus, Legacies creator Julie Plec already has an idea for a spinoff to the spinoff: one that follows the lives of Damon and Elena's children!

First things first, we need to see Legacies come to life. The Vampire Diaries spinoff will premiere October 25 on The CW. It is among a plethora of new series premiering this fall, so stay tuned.

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