Gotham's Alfred Really Wants A Role On The New Batman Prequel Series Pennyworth

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On the heels of Pennyworth's announcement that Jack Bannon will portray the young Alfred, the news is out that another Alfred wants to be a part of the Batman prequel series. Gotham actor Sean Pertwee has made it clear he is available to appear in the project should the show's heads want him along for the ride, noting in a recent interview:

I want to be in it in some capacity, but we'll wait and see. So, if you see Daniel [Cannon] or Bruno [Heller] have a word.

Sean Pertwee, of course, could probably knock on either's door without the media's help as he's worked with both Bruno Heller and Daniel Cannon on Gotham for five seasons. Those hoping for Pertwee to reprise his role as Alfred in Pennyworth flash-forwards or connections to Gotham shouldn't get their hopes up as it's been established the shows exist in separate universes. Granted, Jack Bannon's Alfred could still grow up to look like Sean Pertwee's Alfred, although we're not sure why that would happen considering doing so would only confuse Gotham viewers.

Pennyworth's disconnect from Gotham may prevent Sean Pertwee from reprising his role as Alfred, but it does free him up to take on another role in the upcoming series. Pertwee did tell he was up for joining in "some capacity" which appears to mean he's not dead-set on playing the future butler. Pertwee appearing as Alfred's superior in the British SAS or some other role could be a performance Gotham fans enjoy, as well as a great way to keep the talented Pertwee on television.

One could make the argument that a Sean Pertwee role on Pennyworth is somewhat owed, considering the Gotham actor may be the muse for Epix's upcoming project. Regardless of his involvement, Pertwee shared that he is excited about the new show and took a bit of credit for convincing audiences a young Alfred series could work with his work on Gotham:

I'm honored that the fact that I've, I can say this narcissistically, that I've piqued people's interest enough to prove to them to be worthy of having his own spinoff show. It's ironic that I'm a sort of younger version of The Dark Knight's [Alfred], of Michael Cain, and they're going younger still.

Pennyworth is going much younger than Sean Pertwee's Alfred as the series is said to pick up in the character's 20s in London. Alfred will link up with Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge) and together the two will go into business whilst Alfred wrestles the balance between who he is and the person he was forced to become when he served in the British SAS. The show is set to take place in London in the 1960s, and before Batman or Bruce Wayne ever existed.

Pennyworth is set to begin production Monday, October 22, and will air on Epix when it is completed. For a look at television shows premiering in the near future, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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