Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: JWoww And The Situation Recreated A Classic Jersey Shore Moment

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "What A Drag." Read at your own risk!

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast went to Atlantic City for a big birthday bash and concert gig for Pauly D, and sure enough, memories of the gang's past trip to Atlantic City resurfaced. JWoww and The Situation got nostalgic about the last time they shared a hotel in the city, and recreated the spinning back fist fight that eventually became a part of Jersey Shore history:

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Even Vinny was willing to step in and play his part as the failed mediator in an homage to one of Jersey Shore's wildest moments. JWoww's actual punch she delivered to Mike back on the original Jersey Shore was far more brutal than the recreation, and no one was laughing after it connected. Luckily for Mike's face, JWoww wasn't method acting and delivered a soft pat for the recreation on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Those who've only watched Jersey Shore Family Vacation may be shocked that JWoww punched her friend, but Jersey Shore fans knew The Situation had it coming. JWoww had gotten sick in the club earlier that night and had asked The Situation to take her back to the hotel room. Situation, who was trying to hook up with a girl, refused and a small fight ensued that led to Jenni getting escorted out of the club by security.

JWoww found her way back to the hotel eventually and plotted her confrontation while Mike stayed at the club and partied. When the cast member arrived back in the room, all hell broke loose:

Jersey Shore production staff flooded the room not long after the final punch to separate the two. That didn't happen in the Jersey Shore Family Vacation recreation, but it would've been a nice touch if the same panicked set of producers and crew burst in the room to prevent any further conflict. Luckily JWoww and The Situation have squashed their beef in later years, and can now look back and laugh at what was a really tense moment.

Maturity levels aren't the only thing that's changed. JWoww and The Situation look like completely different people now than they did back on Jersey Shore. They'd probably both agree the change was for the better, although The Situation has noted on Jersey Shore Family Vacation he's not as dedicated to the G.T.L. lifestyle these days. Recent photos have shown he's back on the workout grind, however, so maybe he'll have those rock hard abs again before his wedding.

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