An Outlander Spinoff Series? There's Been Interest

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The long wait for the fourth season of Outlander on Starz is almost over, and fans will finally get to journey back to the 18th century for more Claire and Jamie action. Claire and Jamie are obviously the main characters, and they're not going anywhere, but there are plenty of other characters with enough depth that they could definitely anchor a series of their own. Could an Outlander spinoff happen? Here's what novel saga author Diana Gabaldon has to say about the possibility:

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Diana Gabaldon not only did not rule out a spinoff via her Twitter post; she also revealed that there has been interest expressed in the possibility. Given how much of a hit Outlander has been for Starz, it's not altogether surprising that the idea of a spinoff of the series would have been floated. Jamie and Claire wander in and out of some intriguing places and away from compelling people. Why not a show that focuses on some of them, especially one produced to air during Outlander hiatus?

The response from Diana Gabaldon is directed at somebody who inquired about a spinoff revolving around Lord John Grey, and book readers know that a John Grey spinoff is one that could easily work. Unlike the other side characters of Outlander lore, John Grey got his own series of novels and novellas that explore his own story independent of the Frasers. Fans have every reason to want to watch a show starring him.

Sure, he was introduced as a British officer in charge of a prison filled with suffering Scots -- including Jamie and Murtagh -- but he's not just another Brit who wants to squash every Scot. He fell in love with Jamie and didn't lash out after Jamie rebuffed him, leading to a genuine and unique friendship between them. John Grey even endeared himself to Claire, who wasn't initially overjoyed to have somebody else in the mix who's in love with Jamie. Give John Grey a spinoff!

Of course, John Grey is due to appear in the Outlander narrative more in the future if the show continues to follow the plots of the books; if he does get a spinoff, it would be either somewhat beholden to the parent series or force changes to the parent series' arc. That wouldn't necessarily be the worst thing in the world. While it's always enjoyable for readers to see major book scenes translated almost exactly from page to screen, some divergences are great. That's how Murtagh is still alive!

There are other possibilities for a spinoff, if not one revolving around John Grey. Jenny and Co. at Lallybroch could lead a spinoff, or elsewhere in Scotland as the Scots try to recover from Culloden. A Geillis Duncan series could be interesting, or even a prequel to the generation before Jamie. There are plenty of options.

We'll have to wait and see if Outlander does get a spinoff. The very good news is that Outlander will be back for its fourth season in only a couple of weeks, so we can finally learn what happens next for Jamie and Claire in the aftermath of their shipwreck in the American colonies. The trailer hints that we're in for some exciting twists, and the opening credits already give away a decent amount about what to expect.

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