New Outlander Season 4 Trailer Is Sexy And Dangerous In Colonial America

The fourth season of Outlander is only a couple of months away from hitting the airwaves, and Starz isn't holding back on giving fans a taste of what's to come when the action picks up with Jamie and Claire across the sea from Scotland. The Season 3 cliffhanger saw them washed up on the shores of the American colonies, and previous footage proved that they don't intend to return to Scotland and will rather pursue a new life in a new world. Now, a brand new trailer has debuted, and it's longer than all the others as it reveals some of the danger (and sex) that's in store with the new episodes. Take a look!

Claire and Jamie may have washed up on shores far from Scotland, but that doesn't mean escaping the redcoats altogether, and they're only years away from their new world becoming embroiled in the Revolutionary War. Claire hints as much in her conversation with Jamie in the trailer when she warns that they could end up on the wrong side of yet another war. For his part, Jamie seems convinced to try and improve Brianna's lot by their actions in the 18th century. Given how well that didn't work with Culloden, he may not be successful. Still, it's clear that not all of the danger they face in the American colonies will come from the British soldiers.

This new trailer provides the closest look yet at new villain Stephen Bonnet, and we see him actually meet Jamie and Claire when he emerges from the woods to warn them that travelers are often beset by thieves and bandits while traveling this very road. He doesn't seem threatening to them in this first good glimpse of the meeting, but later shots prove that a certain book scene between Bonnet and our heroes is going to happen on the show similarly to how it happens in the Drums of Autumn novel.

Given the other brutal scene involving Bonnet that will be included in Season 4, perhaps we should expect Outlander's TV version of Bonnet to be very similar to the book version. Then there's the Native Americans, who don't seem too happy with the colonial settlers, and Jamie and Claire don't seem to be any exceptions. Although the dangers they face in the new world will be different from those they faced in Scotland, they'll be no less deadly. The good news for Claire and Jamie is that they'll still be able to find time for some classic Outlander sex scenes. Sam Heughan teased that the sex scenes -- typically among the best on TV, in one actor's humble opinion -- will be different in Season 4, so it should be interesting to see how they compare.

Also of note are the scenes pointing toward more time travel in Season 4. The final scene of the trailer reveals Brianna dressed in clothes similar to those Claire chose when she traveled back to Jamie, stepping forward to touch the standing stones at Craigh na Dun. Assuming she safely makes it to Jocasta's plantation at some point, we can probably count on Brianna sharing her mother's feelings about slavery. Interestingly, the final line of the trailer is delivered by an off-screen Tobias Menzies, presumably as Frank. Black Jack Randall never had such a calm tone. Will Frank be back via flashback? Only time will tell. For now, you can kill some time left in the hiatus by checking out the cool new interactive Outlander feature. Outlander will join this season's fall TV lineup on Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

Laura Hurley
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