Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: Angelina Just Opened Up About Her Past, And It's Heartbreaking

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "Awkward City." Read at your own risk!

Angelina Pivarnick was booted from the early seasons of Jersey Shore pretty early on, and has only recently gotten some solid screentime on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Angelina's extended airtime has allowed viewers and the cast to get to know her a little better, and perhaps understand why she is the person we see onscreen. The latest episode of Season 2 showed Pivarnick get real when talking about her life, as she revealed some heartbreaking details about her rough childhood:

My childhood was not easy. My parents didn't have a good relationship, my father was a cheater. He was an abusive father. He was never a father to me growing up as a kid. He met my mother in court because my father was always getting out of jail. When I was born, my father was in jail. He only had me because it was going to get him a lesser jail sentence... that's exactly... he told me that.

The typically goofy, wild, and combative Angelina dropped her guard on Jersey Shore Family Vacation and painted a different picture about her past than what some may have assumed. The moment felt real, or at least more real than the time she pooped her pants or stuck her butt in the funfetti cake. Angelina also revealed that her father still has yet to meet her fiance Chris, despite the fact that they're on the road to getting married.

The gravity of the story definitely weighed heavy on JWoww, who has been the most vocal critic of Angelina even before her return on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. JWoww later revealed in the confessional that the story gave her perspective on her fellow cast member, and there was a sense she felt a little closer to Angelina now that she knew what she had been through. JWoww said this:

Hearing from Angelina, her daddy issues, [it's] heartbreaking because makes sense as to why she's very co-dependent. I feel really bad for how I treated Angelina or judged her.

Deena and Lauren seemingly felt the same way as JWoww, although neither had the history with Angelina that JWoww had. The two feuded during Jersey Shore, and that drama resurfaced during Jersey Shore Family Vacation. The two have exchanged mean tweets and JWoww even put her in a chokehold at a club earlier in the season. Perhaps the two will be a little more civil going forward, although one can never tell which moments are genuine or just clever editing.

Still, things do seem better between JWoww and Angelina these days. There aren't any snide subtweets or public fights lately, which is an accomplishment compared to where the two were not long ago. They probably won't evolve into best friends just yet, but let's hope they'll continue to build that bridge of communication should Jersey Shore Family Vacation return for Season 3. After all, Angelina might need to become a full-time cast member to fill in for The Situation.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on MTV Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 2 is winding down here shortly, so be sure to head on over to our fall premiere guide and find another show to dive into when it's done.

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