Where American Vandal Might Land Now That Netflix Cancelled It

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The Netflix bloodbath continues! The streaming giant has cancelled another reasonably high-profile project. American Vandal is the latest show to get the axe, meaning that Netflix is down one of its most unique comedy series. The scripted true crime spoof landed a healthy fanbase after its first two seasons, and those fans will undoubtedly be bummed that the show is no more... for now, at least. The series will be shopped around to other platforms to potentially be revived elsewhere than Netflix.

Producers at CBS TV Studios are already fielding calls for an American Vandal revival to bring a third anthology season to the small screen, according to THR. Show producers were reportedly already working on Season 3, so the folks behind the scenes wouldn't need to scramble for a pitch to another platform or network. A big question is where American Vandal could fit.

American Vandal definitely earned its fair share of fans with the streaming format, even if there may not have been enough fans for Netflix to keep it around. That said, Netflix didn't comment on whether viewership played a part in the decision to axe the comedy. Instead, the streaming giant simply expressed gratitude to the American Vandal team and fans for embracing the show's "unique and unconventional humor." If another platform is looking for that kind of humor, why not pick up American Vandal?

Releasing on a streaming service could be best for a show like American Vandal. Without the restrictions that impact shows on traditional broadcast and basic cable networks, American Vandal could retain its hilariously crude and irreverent style for a third season. Amazon is no stranger to picking up shows that were cancelled elsewhere, and it has been steadily picking up steam as a place to be for streaming content.

Although Netflix is still king of the streaming game, Amazon has found great success with projects like the critically-acclaimed Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the popular Jack Ryan. Amazon also isn't restricting itself to a single genre. In addition to comedy and action, Amazon is exploring fantasy with its massive Lord of the Rings endeavor, not to mention sci-fi with the Expanse revival. A third season of American Vandal could be a fun addition to the Amazon lineup and perhaps draw some Netflix subscribers to give Amazon a shot.

If not Amazon, then why not Hulu? Hulu has also experienced a boost in its profile in recent years, largely thanks to The Handmaid's Tale and its many awards. Hulu similarly has a history of saving cancelled series, such as The Mindy Project after it was cancelled by Fox. The streaming service has also explored a variety of genres, ranging from the horror of the Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock to the futuristic sci-fi landscape of The First.

If we're sticking with streaming service options, why not YouTube Red? YouTube's streaming service is still very new compared to the big three streamers, so any single addition to its lineup is a big deal. This service could undoubtedly use all the subscribers it can get, and picking up American Vandal could certainly attract some Netflix consumers. Perhaps American Vandal is just the kind of series to fit in a lineup with shows like Cobra Kai and Dallas & Robo.

All of this said, we don't need to entirely rule out American Vandal being rescued by a non-streaming platform. While it's quite unlikely that it could end up on a broadcast network, HBO could be a decent fit. As HBO fans can attest, the premium cable network doesn't hold back on what its shows can tackle. American Vandal could presumably air just fine on HBO, if HBO wanted to give the order. HBO has been looking to compete with Netflix in the wake of the Time Warner sale to AT&T.

We'll have to wait and see. At this point, there's not even a guarantee that American Vandal will get a second life after its cancellation from Netflix. After all, Netflix is usually the platform fans petition to renew their favorite series, and shows such as Lucifer prove that it sometimes works. We don't really see other platforms picking up cancelled Netflix shows, although it is possible that Iron Fist could be back on a different streamer.

For now, you can watch (or rewatch) the first two seasons of American Vandal streaming on Netflix, and be sure to check out our 2018 Netflix premiere guide for streaming options coming up in the not-too-distant future.

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