Netflix Sends Richard Madden A Fun Gift After Employees Denied The Bodyguard Actor Water

Richard Madden has made a name for himself in recent years thanks to a stint on HBO's Game of Thrones; however, not everyone recognizes the handsome actor by sight. In fact, recently a Netflix employee assertively stopped him from grabbing a water bottle when he was trying to find his way on campus while filming his new series The Bodyguard. After telling the story, Netflix decided to apologize to Madden with a fun gift, which you can see below.

Netflix water bottles Instagram

Yes, that's a slew of water bottles branded with the Netflix logo that the subscription streaming service sent to its successful lead actor. If he keeps all of those water bottles on hand, he'll never need to ask another Netflix employee for permission to hydrate. Regardless, I at least hope whichever Netflix employee was on a high horse when he denied Richard Madden water at least feels a little chagrin about how he behaved.

Richard Madden revealed the cheeky Netflix gift on his Instagram Story, also revealing the note that Netflix sent along with the gift from the company.

funny note from netflix to richard madden

The news comes shortly after Richard Madden appeared on KTLA's Morning News to talk about Bodyguard and other fun topics, including what happened in the Netflix building while he was heading to his interview at KTLA. Apparently, he wandered into the streaming service's building by accident, but thought he would go ahead and grab a water bottle while he was there, considering he worked for Netflix already. (And a very successful Netflix project at that!) Richard Madden said at the time about the incident:

I walked in and was told I was in the wrong building. And there was a fridge of water, Netflix-branded water, which I went to grab a bottle of and he said, 'You have to go around the corner for your guys' show.' I said, 'Cool, I'll just grab a bottle of water,' which I was told 'No, you're not allowed to, it's for Netflix employees only. I said, 'I am a Netflix employee, like I'm on a show! They were like, 'Sir, you have to put that water back now. You have to leave now, sir.'

Netflix is often a little bit saucy, especially with social media opportunities. The company has previously taken slight jabs at things like Roseanne's cancellation over at ABC. It even occasionally messes with its users in funny ways, like not-so-subtly poking fun at people who subscribe to the streaming service only to watch flicks like A Christmas Prince over and over again.

Now, that we've seen the fun follow-up between Richard Madden and his Bodyguard parent company, it looks like Netflix is also able to poke fun at its antics. More importantly, however, we know Richard Madden is now hydrated. That should come in handy if the James Bond team comes calling...

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