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Midnight, Texas kicked off its second season a few weeks on NBC. At first fan-favorite characters Fiji and Bobo were in period of bliss as they explored their newly romantic relationship extensively. Stuff started hitting the fan in Episode 2 as Fiji and Bobo's sexual antics led to some mishaps and in an exclusive clip from Season 2's "To Witch Hell and Back" Bobo deals with yet another near-death encounter. Is their relationship in trouble? Take a look, below.

In the exclusive clip, Bobo is innocuously showering when Fiji decides to enjoy a little loving on her own terms. Last week, the couple realized that their sexual antics were causing Bobo to experience a bunch of accidents that could potentially be fatal. Unfortunately for Fiji, this means she's not getting any. She probably feels she is safe with some Ménage à moi; however, a series of freak moments between Bobo and Mr. Snuggly lead to him nearly dying once again.

I'm going to presume he's only nearly dying and not actually dying because this show needs both Fiji and Bobo. However, when last we see our charming hero, he's lying on the bathroom floor with a gigantic shard of glass stuck in his leg. On the bright side, Fiji is there once again when an accident befalls the character and hopefully can use her magic to patch him back up.

Bobo almost dies in Midnight, Texas Season 2

Speaking with Dylan Bruce (who plays Bobo) earlier this year, the actor told us that the whole cast has been having fun with the Fiji and Bobo storyline, which they have affectionately called Final Destination: Bobo. He told us on a recent set visit:

We joke and we call it Final Destination: Bobo because there's some weird external force that's causing him to almost die at every twist and turn because of his relationship with Fiji. So possibly loving Fiji is it, but he's oblivious to the fact. Because he's kind of in the honeymoon phase, still, but she's in tune to what's going on. There's a fun tug and war between the two of them. It makes them look really stupid. For me to just like ground it in reality, I'm like, 'OK, his head's just in the clouds right now he's so in love.' That can make it truthful to me, that a sword almost chopped my head off that fell off a wall. I can be like, 'Oh, I didn't put that in a stud up there.'

As to exactly why the couple was only happy for one episode in October before things started to unravel for them, Dylan Bruce revealed that's what makes Season 2 so compelling for his character, before mentioning that what is being set up in Episode 3 and beyond will have ramifications for the rest of the season. Per the actor,

I mean, you can't keep a happy couple happy for too long, can you? I mean, that's boring. It's really sweet, she tries to distance herself from him and he does a lot of really sweet things to get her back. It breaks her heart to try and stay away from him and then they come together and try to find a way to conquer this together and she does something very drastic that has huge repercussions to the end of the season.

Fiji and Bobo got together way earlier than I expected in this series, which has been a nice change of pace for network TV and I'm glad to see they are already facing challenges already, of the seemingly magical variety. If this is a plotline you are also invested in, you can catch new episodes of Midnight, Texas on Friday nights over at NBC. This week's episode "To Witch Hell and Back" will feature both characters looking into "who or what" is trying to kill Bobo. Also, the Rev is back, although there's no word on Creek this week. You can catch the latest episode on Friday night starting at 9 p.m. ET.

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