Why Angelina And Vinny's Jersey Shore Family Vacation Feud Isn't What It Seems, According To Angelina

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation episode "Staten Island Smackdown." Read at your own risk!

Angelina and Vinny were at each other's throats yet again on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and the duo once again argued over who wants to bang the other one. Now that she's months removed from the incident, Angelina went to social media to make it clear the feud between her and Vinny is not at all what it seems. Specifically, she wants it known that she has no attraction to her fellow cast member whatsoever.

Angelina explained that she fell for the peer pressure of the house making jokes about the two hooking up and began to join in to avoid making the rest of the cast mad. Unfortunately, that plan backfired as Jersey Shore Family Vacation showed Vinny yelling at Angelina and fed up with her behavior at the episode's end. Granted, the footage did make it seem like Angelina took things too far, especially when he was in bed.

The big incident that led to the blowup started with a drunken Angelina who, at Snooki and JWoww's insistence, entered Vinny's room and began to berate him and hit him with pillows. Vinny, fed up with Angelina and the rest of the cast's jokes, responded by pulling down his pants, and asking her if she really wants to have sex. At some point during that exchange, Vinny claimed Angelina took things over the line and grabbed his penis.

We're not sure what happened during the exchange, but Angelina is now saying that never happened. The Staten Island resident, who was engaged at the time and is still engaged, wanted to make it clear she did not grab anything of Vinny's.

For the record, this is not the first time Vinny has made a claim about Angelina getting a little handsy. Vinny said the same thing when Jersey Shore Family Vacation was in Atlantic City, and was within earshot of Angelina's fiance Chris when it was happening. Angelina's boo didn't seem to mind what had happened, which led to additional speculation from The Situation the couple is interested in a threesome with Vinny.

This now counts the third time in Season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation where the series has come under fire from the cast for misrepresenting a situation. This time around, though, Angelina isn't necessarily denying what she said, but stating she only did so to gain approval from the cast. Whether that's truly the case, or she's just a little embarrassed by her on-screen spats with Vinny is up to the viewers to decide.

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