Jersey Shore's Angelina And Her Fiance Got The Wildest Tattoo's On MTV's New Reality Show

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MTV finally launched How Far Is Tattoo Far, the American version of its UK show Just Tattoo Of Us, and everything started splendidly. Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick joined her fiancé Chris Larangeira in the premiere to get tattoos celebrating their engagement. The catch? Neither could see what the other had designed, which led to wild and hilariously offensive tattoos. Chris is now forever immortalized with an illustrated version of Angelina's lowest Jersey Shore Family Vacation moment:

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Yep, that's a "dirty little hamster" shooting "period shit" from its body. As one does. Jersey Shore Family Vacation viewers will of course remember the wild Season 1 scene that put a damper on Angelina's big revival debut. Those that don't missed out on a drunken Angelina who, after the cast caught a whiff of an awful smell, was accused of pooping her pants. Angelina, desperate to prove it was something else, checked and announced that it was merely "period shit." The moment, while funny, was probably not the best moment to immortalize on fiancé Chris Larangeira's body forever.

Unfortunately, Chris didn't have a chance to refute the tattoo or stop the process, since How Far Is Tattoo Far keeps participants clueless until the big reveal. When his vision-blinding glasses came off, though, Chris was clearly upset with what Angelina put on his body. However, the shame-free Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast member had no regrets about her choices. Angelina even stifled a laugh in the moment, seemingly taking pride in her messy tattoo idea.

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Chris Larangeira was upset with his wife-to-be, but his reaction seemed somewhat restrained. That's probably because he knew Angelina would equally hate the tattoo he designed for her, which took a ring-shaped shot at the reality star's past.

Head over to the next page to see the tattoo Angelina got, and question why two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together would do these things.

Angelina Pivarnick's tattoo choice for her fiancé Chris was pretty bad, but at least it was a personal shot at her own past, and not his. Chris evened the playing field, though, with a tattoo for Angelina that made reference to the two failed engagements she lived through prior to meeting him. Eesh!

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Angelina was understandably livid when her blinders came off, and she immediately went off on Chris for the disrespectful gesture. Pivarnick was mainly upset about the text, "3rd Time's A Charm," and mentioned that Chris' mom was not even aware she's been engaged before. That fact will be hard to hide if they ever have a family pool party, with the evidence right there on Angelina's upper thigh.

Of course, if Angelina's future mother-in-law watched the premiere of How Far Is Tattoo Far, she may have discovered the information that way. Here's hoping they just told her the hamster was...doing anything but shitting period blood.

Angelina was mad, but like Chris, she couldn't get too heated, considering the visual non-splendor she had put on him. After both reveals were finished, the two announced to How Far Is Tattoo Far audiences that their tattoos weren't enough to end their engagement. But the experience was enough for Pivarnick to deliver a playful slap to her beau for his lack of respect.

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The regrettable tattoos will continue on How Far Is Tattoo Far, with new episodes airing on MTV on Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. For information on other shows coming to television in the near future, visit our fall premiere guide.

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