David Harbour Wraps Stranger Things Season 3 With Cryptic Photo

That's a wrap on Season 3! David Harbour shared the Stranger Things news with his millions of followers. Never one to shy away from teasing information, Harbour posted a cryptic photo. Try to decipher it via the embed below:

David Harbour Instagram Stranger Things

(Image credit: David Harbour/Instagram)

Yes, you can say goodbye to David Harbour's mustache. Thanks to Harbour's Instagram post, you should be able to see it coming up, however. It is the latest development in the entertaining saga surrounding Harbour's facial hair.

Six months ago, the actor wowed fans with their first look at Hopper's mustache for Season 3. As those aware of facial fashion in the 1980s know, the mustache -- or "face caterpillar" as David Harbour refers to it in his post -- was kind of a big deal back then.

Besides offering a thrilling throwback to the facial hair of yesteryear, David Harbour also offered an intriguing Season 3 clue. Without getting into details, Harbour captioned his photo with a thought-provoking hashtag. When separated, the actor wrote: "spoilers without context." Interesting!

It would seem he provided a Season 3 spoiler without spoiling anything. Context makes all the difference in the search for spoilers. Without it, this picture provides a lot to look at, yet with little to go on, not a whole lot to understand.

It is a clever move for the fan-favorite actor, who has tended to share about the series in the past, even revealing info about future plotlines. It is a habit that has certainly thrilled spoiler-loving fans. The downside? Stranger Things enjoys its secrets, to the point, Netflix has even called David Harbour out about it.

David Harbour has certainly not risked a call from Ted Sarandos with this latest Instagram post. Here, he has kept it low-key while helping conjure speculation. In hindsight, this post will undoubtedly click into place. How it does should be a fun mystery to uncover, and we'll just have to wait and see how the new season pans out.

There are other intriguing goodies sprinkled throughout David Harbour's post. He did not stop with that last look at his Season 3 Hopper mustache. The hashtag mentioning director Steven Spielberg comes as little surprise. Stranger Things has not been shy about how the director's films helped influence the series. Then. there is Gary.

If you noticed that "Gary" had a substantial presence in David Harbour's message than you are in the game. Harbour's hat promotes the fictional plumbing and heating business, which is said to have kept Hawkins warm, since 1972. Quite an accomplishment. Albeit, Gary's is more than a decade old given the period, Stranger Things takes place. Season 2 was set in 1983.That is two years before, the next thing referenced in David Harbour's post. He also mentions the 1985 film Fletch, a project Harbour previously would be an influence for Season 3.

Before we know it, all of these pertinent clues should make even more sense. Find out how David Harbour's cryptic photo and his captions come into play when Season 3 premieres on Netflix sometime in 2019. As fans await its premiere, countless shows are making their debut this fall on the streaming giant, as well, so be sure to tune in and take a look.

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