Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown Didn't Mean To Make Fans Think The Show Is Ending

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Millie Bobby Brown put some folks on high alert with a recent post on social media, as a picture of her crying led some to believe Stranger Things was reaching an end. It turns out that totally wasn't the case and Brown did not mean to make anyone think the Netflix series is ending. As for what was the reason behind her tears, Brown explained she can be an emotional person.

I'm just a very emotional person. When it comes to my closest people, I'm not good at goodbyes. [It was the] last day of the season, not the show...Netflix called me up after this and said 'can't say anything' I'm like 'Okay, got it.'

Millie Bobby Brown's Netflix call came after speculation surrounded her crying photo as well as another picture she shared with her and co-star Noah Schnapp. The photo showed the two laughing together, with the words "One more time" positioned directly beneath the photo. With that context, it isn't hard to see how some were confused by the posts and assumed Stranger Things was closing out.

Millie Bobby Brown told The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that Netflix made contact with her sometime after and told her she's not allowed to reveal details of the show. Apparently, those details didn't include confirming Season 3 isn't the end of the series, which could mean the streaming giant was concerned about Brown's posts for another reason. It's possible they thought her emotional teary picture and captioned photo with Noah Schnapp was possibly too revealing?

Maybe, but it's just as likely Milile Bobby Brown's photo was just a young actor getting a little too caught up in the moment. Brown explained that she tends to get emotional on the final days of shoots for seasons and other projects. She has a lot of love for the people she works with, even the people who play a smaller role in Stranger Things. Brown explained even goodbyes to the catering staff can get emotional for her.

Saying goodbye to the people who make my food, I mean, seriously. That's the people I live off of, quite literally!

So basically, Millie Bobby Brown may have snapped that picture just after saying goodbye to the folks who kept her fed while filming Stranger Things Season 3. The lesson here might be that vague photos on Instagram aren't the most solid things to make assumptions off of, especially when the person posting them is a bit on the younger side.

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