How Becky's Big Reveal On The Conners Brought Her Closer To Darlene

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of The Conners. Look away until you've caught up!

Becky has been on a roll lately on The Conners with giving her family big news. Last week, despite being told by doctors previously that she had only a five percent change of getting pregnant because of her low fertility rate, she told the rest of the Conner clan that a one night stand managed to get her good and knocked up. Now she's made a major reveal that's actually brought her closer to Darlene. Becky has finally admitted that she's "a drunk," and the news went over better than expected. Here's what happened.

Early in the episode, Becky is at work with Mark, whom she has marrying the ketchups so she doesn't have to do it, when Jackie comes in to pick him up and sees that Becky has a magazine quiz open so she can determine if she's financially ready to be a parent. After Jackie notes how much she loves the quizzes in women's magazines (and joyfully admits that she's "a woman other women hate"), Becky tells her that she's already taken the quiz and knows for sure that she is in no way financially prepared to be a mother.

As Jackie and Mark leave, Andrea comes in with her new baby to talk to Becky. Andrea says that while she was going through the surrogacy process, she always felt like she could talk openly to Beck without being judged. She then tells Becky that, even though she wanted a kid badly enough to hire a surrogate, now that she's dealing with being the mother of a newborn baby, she's not handling it well and actually doesn't really enjoy it.

Andrea goes on to lay her troubles on the table, saying that she regrets her decision to have a kid, isn't sure she wants to be a parent anymore, doesn't understand how poor people do it and never realized before how selfish babies are. She also tells Becky that she doesn't know how lucky she is that she actually can't have children, and when Becky breaks the news to her, Andrea strains to smile and get out a shaky "You are going to love being a mom!"

Andrea's news clearly hits Becky pretty hard, mostly because she thinks that having so much money would ease the burden since Andrea can hire all the help she needs at any time. After she has her talk with Andrea, though, a solution seems to come along. Bridgette and Maria, a lesbian couple who actually went to high school with Becky and Darlene, are sitting at a table in the restaurant and overheard Becky's worries that she voiced to Jackie. When she checks to see if they need anything, they talk about how they've wanted to adopt, and offer to not only adopt her baby, but raise the child with her. Maria says that they would take care of all the financial aspects of raising her child, and since Maria works from home she would care for the child while Becky works, but Becky would still have parental rights and be able to see her kid. Becky is shocked, but tells them she'll think about their offer.

After work, Becky walks around for a couple of hours, but finally finds herself at Bridgette and Maria's house. She wakes Bridgette up, and tells her that she'll take them up on their offer. The couple is very happy and excited, but when Bridgette goes back inside and Becky is left alone on their porch, she clearly looks unsure about the decision.

Luckily, Becky seeks out her family. She barges into the Conner house and wakes Darlene, who's fallen asleep on the couch, at two in the morning and tells her about the deal she just made with Bridgette and Maria. She admits to her little sister that she's afraid she'll suck as a mom, especially since Andrea has all the help in the world and still seems to be falling apart. When Darlene says maybe they can get her financial assistance to help out, she tells her it's not just about the money.

This is when Becky drops the hammer and tells Darlene that she's a drunk and doesn't want to screw up some kid's life. Earlier, while she was talking to Jackie, her aunt said she must be saving cash by not drinking, but she told Jackie that it's been a grueling 21 days without booze. Darlene says she must be stronger than she realizes, because she managed to stop drinking on a dime when she found out she was pregnant, but this doesn't calm Becky's fears. She's afraid that she'll never be able to get her shit together after the baby is born, but Darlene says she's willing to step in and take care of her niece or nephew if Becky needs her too, along with getting the rest of the family involved if she needs more help with the baby.

When Becky shares her worry that her baby will end up in the foster care system due to her drinking and negligence, Darlene assures her that she (and the rest of the family) won't let her baby fall through the cracks, and also notes that if she were really cool with giving her baby over to Bridgette and Maria, she wouldn't have immediately come to talk to her after making the decision.

When Becky thinks over what Darlene has said, she realizes (cue the tear-filled, emotional "Awwwww") that she's really never felt this close to Darlene and tells her so. As if a scene on The Conners could simply end with a warm family moment, Becky then thanks Darlene for "not being a judgmental little troll, for once." Nice, Becky. Real nice.

Becky ends the episode by telling Bridgette and Maria that she's changed her mind, and while they're clearly disappointed, it's not like they had a whole contract signed or had even worked out the details and bought a whole nursery worth of baby goods, so I'm sure they will eventually get over the setback. More importantly, Becky and Darlene managed to stop sniping at each other and actually bond like sisters should.

You can see how Becky and Darlene continue to be there for each other when The Conners airs on ABC, every Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST.

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