A Sons Of Anarchy Vet Is Heading To The Conners

The Conners hasn't had the smoothest path in its short existence, considering the ashes it was birthed from. However, it's still one of ABC's top shows, and is pulling in numbers that many TV comedies would love to earn. The sitcom has won some viewers over with guest stars, and we couldn't be more pumped to learn that Sons of Anarchy and Married with Children vet Katey Sagal will be visiting Lanford in the near future. Here's the actress' reveal.

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Just the thought of Katey Sagal, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf sitting at the dinner table together is enough to make me petition for the Emmys for a Outstanding Dinner Table Seating in a Comedy category. Sure, she'd be great mixing it up with the other actors and characters, too, but I just need that one shot.

Unfortunately, Katey Sagal's announcement was rather light on the details about who she would be playing, and when she would first be seen. However, CinemaBlend learned from ABC that Sagal will be playing a character named Louise, who will make her big Conners debut on the December 11 episode, which is titled "O Sister, Where Are Thou?"

Louise was originally from Lanford, but had apparently been away for some years. She's just moved back to town and got a job at Casita Bonita, the same restaurant where Becky works. Something tells me Louise could have an interesting kind of influence over Becky, assuming they even get along. Fingers crossed that Louise is actually some long-lost Harris sibling that Beverly never told anyone about or something, so that Sagal can stick around.

Taking a look at the other guest stars that have been introduced in The Conners' inaugural season, one might have assumptions about how Katey Sagal plays into the story. Matthew Broderick signed on as a love interest for Jackie, Justin Long was cast to play Darlene's new beau, and Juliette Lewis stars as David' ongoing girlfriend Blue. Will Louise and Dan start getting frisky with one another? Or perhaps Louise has other tastes.

Then again, Mary Steenburgen also guest-starred earlier this seaons at Marcy Bellinger, who'd given Roseanne the meds that led to the latter's death. So Katey Sagal's Louise might have some equally dour role to play in this family's ongoing history.

Getting Katey Sagal back on TV on a regular basis would be amazing, since that's what we're all used to, but we'l take the smaller roles, too. At this point in her career, Sagal is usually seen as a sitcom queen, having starred in Married with Children, 8 Simple Rules and Futurama, not to mention Superior Donuts, A to Z, and more. As such, the actress likely felt right at home sitting on the Conner's couch inside their iconic living room.

At least, so long as Al Bundy doesn't come barging through the door to sit down as quickly as possible. Although I would sincerely love to see John Goodman pulling off his best Al Bundy impression when Sagal guest-stars.

For all that she may have built her career on comedy, Katey Sagal embraced a new wave of stardom that came attached to her dramatic chops on Sons of Anarchy. She'd taken recurring roles in Boston Legal, The Shield, Elie Stone and more, she cemented her TV legacy twice over with her no-bullshit performances as SAMCRO's Gemma Teller. As a side note, Gemma Teller and Roseanne Barr would make interesting elevator companions.

The Conners' eleven-episode first season airs Tuesday nights on ABC at 8:00 p.m., so be sure to keep watching to see Katey Sagal start to rock the party. In the meantime, study up on our fall TV schedule and our midseason schedule.

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