The Amazing Way Supernatural Took A Swing At The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 15 of Supernatural Season 12, "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of the biggest names in primetime TV nowadays thanks to his role as Negan on The Walking Dead, but Supernatural fans best remember him for his work as John Winchester in the early seasons of the long-running series. Morgan played Sam and Dean's dad, who was mostly a good guy but who had some serious faults as a father. Now, Supernatural has taken to chance to take a swing at Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a truly awesome way. In one of the very first scenes of "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell," Dean swaggered into the Men of Letters bunker, covered in blood and swinging what looked an awful lot like Negan's Lucille. Take a look:

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The Walking Dead fans know well that Negan's weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that the man himself has dubbed "Lucille." He's bashed all kinds of zombie apocalypse characters to death with Lucille, and far too many of them were good guys. Supernatural star Jensen Ackles actually shared a photo of himself leaning on the Impala and brandishing a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire way back in October, merely days after Jeffrey Dean Morgan kicked off The Walking Dead Season 7 in an especially bloody way. At the time, it seemed like Ackles was just posing for a fun photo and nothing would come of it.

Now, we've seen otherwise. Dean used his own version of Lucille, apparently to beat a siren to smithereens. Sam observed that his brother quite literally had chunks of siren flesh in his hair and on his jacket, so it's safe to say that Dean takes after his dad when it comes to bat bashing. CinemaBlend spoke to Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb earlier this year, and when I asked whether the Supernatural team would be interested in bringing Jeffrey Dean Morgan back as John Winchester somehow, he told me this:

Look, we would love that. But in the same way that there had to be the right time to bring back Mary, there'd have to be the right time to reinvestigate Dad and all that stuff. I think that is something we would love to do and Jeffrey has been a strong supporter of the show and he's an amazing actor...To me, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. But that when, especially now that we're charging full steam into Season 13 and then hopefully not slowing down too much, that 'when' is a little TBD.

The crew at Supernatural clearly hasn't forgotten Jeffrey Dean Morgan or what he brought to the show, so maybe he really could make a grand return to The CW to reprise the role of John. Just imagine all the awesome Walking Dead references Supernatural would run with if Morgan himself made it back! I know I'm going to cross my fingers, make a wish, and maybe summon a crossroads demon to try and make a Jeffrey Dean Morgan/John Winchester return a possibility. Who knows? Maybe Dean could get a bat-swinging lesson from dear old dad, and the show may still have a long life ahead of it. Weirder things have happened to the Winchesters.

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