Timeless Series Finale Trailer Reveals Dramatic Fight To Save History, Watch It Now

Timeless fans have had a wild and heartbreaking ride. The show was not a big ratings winner and was actually cancelled back after Season 1, only to be un-cancelled for 2018 after the creative team promised to re-work aspects of the series that weren't working for NBC. The show really was cancelled after Season 2, but viewers can at least look forward to a two-hour series finale to tie up loose ends and pay off on the Season 2 finale cliffhanger.

The trailer for the finale has finally released, and it indicates that all of history is at risk unless our heroes save the day (and timeline). Take a look!

If any were worried that the two-hour finale wouldn't be exciting, I think this trailer should assure them that Timeless is packing in plenty of what makes the show so beloved to its core of loyal fans, a.k.a. Clockblockers. That fanbase rose up after the initial Season 2 cancellation, seeking a second (or third, as the case may be) chance for the show at NBC or another streaming outlet. Other shows were saved in 2018; Timeless had a shot.

Sadly for the fans who rose up to try and win more Timeless (as well as for the writers, who really wanted the show to be saved), the efforts only resulted in the order for the two-hour finale, which delighted the cast, as can be seen in their reaction videos. It may not have been the good news everybody was hoping for, but it was good news all the same, and the description for the finale indicates that the grand effort to save history revealed by the trailer should be exciting.

The two-hour series finale event -- called "The Miracle of Christmas Part I" and "Part II" -- will see the Time Team decide to find a way to save Rufus after a visit from their future selves, which was the cliffhanger that showrunner Arika Lisanne Mittman promised would be addressed within the first five minutes of the finale. The Mothership will take them back to 1948 in California, which puts a pause on their mission to save their friend.

Why? Well, it turns out that Rittenhouse is causing trouble again, and the Time Team must chase through the Gold Rush, where they cross paths with a dangerous villain from that dangerous era. Judging by the trailer, they won't have an easy time in 1948, and it looks like there should be some furious horseback riding and definitely some action. The entire finale won't be set in 1848 California, however. The Time Team will also go to Korea, circa 1950.

In Korea, the good guys will need to help a refugee escape an unfortunate end, all while dealing with their own impossible and possibly insurmountable problems. As they do so, they must deal with their feelings for each other and the complications of their relationships after the developments of Season 2. Judging by the trailer, the characters will need to take advantage of breaks between all the action to really talk to each other.

See how they handle everything when the two-hour series finale airs on Thursday, December 20 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. We already know something about the very last scene of the series, but we can only speculate based on the trailer footage and episode descriptions. At least the wait is almost over!

Laura Hurley
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