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Netflix's Locke And Key Series Just Recast Two Major Roles

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Fans have been waiting to see an adaptation of the famed graphic novel series Locke & Key on screen for many years now. It's been in one stage of development or another as a TV show or movie for almost a decade, and when Hulu stepped in to try again in 2017, it seemed like the story had finally found a home. Alas, the pilot that was produced for that show was passed on, but Netflix decided to try its hand at the creepy story and is now hard at work on Locke & Key, and two of the main characters have just been recast.

First up, the young lady at the top of this article, Emilia Jones, will now be taking on the role of Kinsey Locke. Jones has been on quite the roll since her first TV part in House of Anubis in 2011, and has racked up 19 credits including her work on Locke & Key. Jones has also shared her talents in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Doctor Who, Utopia, Wolf Hall, High-Rise and Brimstone.

When Netflix picked up the project this July for a 10 episode order, much of what was done with the Hulu pilot that had been produced was scrapped, including many of the cast. While acclaimed actors Danny Glover and Frances O'Connor had signed on to star or appear in some fashion, Netflix wanted to go in a different direction, and, according to The Wrap, the only actor to stay with their role from that Hulu effort will be Jackson Robert Scott, who is still slated to star as Bode Locke.

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The second of the recast Locke & Key siblings will be played by Connor Jessup, who is, obviously, taking on the part of Tyler Locke. Jessup made his TV debut on The Jon Dore Television Show in 2007, and has since appeared in The Saddle Club, King, Falling Skies, and American Crime, among other shows and movies.

Locke & Key fans who might be worried that this project could still fall apart somehow, can likely calm themselves. The series is being executive produced by Calton Cuse, who filled the same role on the Hulu version of the show, and has played a huge part in bringing some of the freakiest shows to television in the past few years. He's served as executive producer for Lost, Bates Motel, The Strain and Colony among many others, and will also work as showrunner alongside Meredith Averill. Another point in the favor of Locke & Key is that Cuse worked with writer Joe Hill, who created and wrote the graphic novel, to bring his story to the small screen.

Joe Hill's fantasy / horror series, which ran from February 2008 through December 2013, focuses on the three Locke children, who move to their father's ancestral home after his murder and find out that the house has magical keys which can grant them a wide variety of powers if they use them in the correct doors of the home. Sounds fun, right? Well, there's also a scary demon who wants the keys, so the kids are forced to make sure this creature can't get its devious hands on the keys or the power they hold.

There's no air date set for Locke & Key just yet, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest news. In the meantime, be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide and Netflix premiere guide to see what will be coming to TV in the new year.

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