Richard Madden Says His Character Needs A Break Before Bodyguard Season 2

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Bodyguard has been a huge hit with critics and viewers alike. However, Richard Madden believes his character, Sergeant David Budd, needs a break before hopping into Season 2. Regarding a second installment of the hit series, Madden had this to say:

We're talking about it. We're going to see what happens over the coming year. I think the character needs a break. I think he had a tough couple of months during the show. We'll see what happens.

Given the enormous success of Bodyguard, it is tough to imagine those talks not resulting in a second season of the series. In the vein of what Richard Madden aptly told ET, everyone will have to see what happens. Characters can go through a lot in a single season and somehow resurface for a second installment of a popular series. So, there is cause to hope!

If Budd is called in for a second act, fans undoubtedly hope he and portrayer Richard Madden would answer it. Making the allure of Season 2 even more tempting is what took place at the Golden Globe awards.

Richard Madden won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series for Bodyguard. The win is bound to only add to the high-profile the series has already achieved for itself.

The actor has previously teased conversations relating to Bodyguard Season 2. Based on what Richard Madden is saying now, it may be a while before fans get to see it if it does indeed happen. He mentions the happenings of 2019 playing a role in the conversations that take place.

If these talks prove fruitful, it stands to reason that fans have a long wait in front of them. Realistically, it seems like 2020 would be the safest bet for a second installment to debut. Creating another season that matches the quality of its first takes time.

At one point, Bodyguard's first installment was running at an impressive 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. You do not get that kind of quality without a lot of hard work and time to work on it.

Working on the series has allowed Richard Madden to shake things up where his roles are concerned. Having risen to great popularity with his role on Game of Thrones, the offers to play young princes have likely been voluminous. Madden's success should give his former co-stars a tremendous amount of hope regarding their post-Thrones career.

Richard Madden opted for a massive change of pace with Bodyguard, and it is paying off for him. Upon its release last year, the present-day thriller became one of the biggest British shows in a decade. Growing Bodyguard's audience following its initial release is Netflix picking up the six-part series. A move that has given subscribers a breezy binge to make their way through.

There are a lot of parties interested in seeing Season 2. If and when a second season of Bodyguard comes to fruition, viewers will be waiting to watch.

Bodyguard is currently streaming on Netflix. The series is among many shows the streaming giant has available, along with some new additions. There will be no shortage of new TV content awaiting viewers in the midseason.

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