The Conners Season 2? Here's What Laurie Metcalf Has To Say

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Few fictional families had a more unpredictable 2018 than the Conner squad on ABC. Things started beautifully with Roseanne premiering to gigantic numbers, and though they hit a snag once Roseanne Barr got the show cancelled, success was celebrated once more when The Conners officially got spun off. Fans have no doubt been waiting to hear some good news about Season 2, and though ABC is currently staying mum, star Laurie Metcalf oozed optimistic words about it.

I believe it's going to happen. I think we'll do between 10 and 13 [episodes], something like that.

Laurie Metcalf's word may not be as official as that of ABC's execs when it comes to renewal news, but the accolade-earning actress has likely heard some good things around the set from executive producers, such as co-star Sara Gilbert, and network execs. Otherwise, she might be a bit more buttoned-up about The Conners' chances of making it to a second season. (Which would obviously be most of the cast members' third seasons reprising these roles.)

Not only is Laurie Metcalf feeling pretty good about The Conners getting a Season 2, but she's also under the impression that ABC would be interested in boosting the episode count for the next round. Season 1 initially earned a ten-episode deal, and then received an extra episode to bring the total to eleven. Metcalf, who won three Emmys for portraying Roseanne's Jackie Harris, is implying that ABC wants even more storylines locked down for the future.

As far as the show's comedy goes, Laurie Metcalf doesn't appear to have much reason to think the creative team will be overhauling its process for writing these characters. Here's what else she told Entertainment Tonight.

I think the tone will be the same, but I love not knowing what's coming up at all. . . . I just think the writers did a wonderful job of keeping the tone and telling stories about the characters people have grown up with.

As many know, Roseanne pulled off the surprise win of 2018 when it came to network ratings and viewership. The Conners isn't doing nearly as well, but is still managing to win out over many other scripted network series, and it was one of the most-watched new TV shows of the year. (As was former ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, which has had a rollicking good time in its first season on Fox.)

Part of that success is due to the main cast, and part of it is due to the interesting selection of guest stars and recurring roles that have popped up. I'm all in on Katey Sagal returning for Season 2 to spark things up with Dan, and Matthew Broderick has been an...interesting...addition to the show as Jackie's love interest.

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For now, nobody should throw down stacks of cash as a bet that The Conners will get a second season premiering later in 2019. That's the lesson that was learned with the Roseanne revival proper. But considering nobody else within the show's cast has a penchant for constantly chiming in on social media about hot button issues, I doubt ABC will be pulling the plug on The Conners any time soon.

The Conners airs Tuesday nights on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see what other new and returning shows are on the way, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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