Katheryn Winnick's Brothers Were Apparently In Vikings' Latest Episode

Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of Vikings Season 5, entitled "What Happens in the Cave," lie ahead.

Vikingslatest episode was a family affair for beloved star Katheryn Winnick. The actress revealed that her two brothers Markjan and Adam Winnick were also a part of the episode “What Happens in the Cave.” Check out her Instagram post below:

Katheryn Winnick Markjan Winnick Adam Winnick Vikings

(Image credit: Katheryn Winnick/Instagram Screenshot)

In her post, the fan-favorite actress asks Vikings viewers to see if they can spot her siblings. Of course, spotting the brothers in Katheryn Winnick’s Instagram post is obviously easy, especially when she's there to clue us in on the family connection. Finding them in the episode is a bit trickier.

Pictured to the left of Katheryn Winnick is her brother Markjan Winnick, and to the right of the Vikings mainstay is her brother Adam Winnick. Both appeared in the episode, though obviously not in the biggest season-altering roles. The question is: where and when could they be found? Let’s start with Markjan Winnick.

Vikings Markjan Winnick King Angantyr History

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Given Markjan Winnick’s prominent screentime as King Agantyr, it is relatively easy to figure out where and when he showed up. At the end of the latest episode, King Agantyr accompanied Lagertha and company to the new Vikings settlement.

But it wasn't the first time viewers had seen him, since King Agantyr actually made an appearance in the previous Vikings episode, “Baldur.” And celebrating the presence of one good brother deserves another, right? So, where was Adam Winnick?

Vikings Katheryn Winnick Lagertha Adam Winnick King Angantyr Markjan Winnick History

(Image credit: History/Vikings Screenshot)

There he is! Or at least, I think so. You can see Adam Winnick pretty clearly at the 27:32 mark during the Vikings episode. As the circle shows, his nameless character can be seen behind King Alfred and to the left of his brother’s character, King Angantyr. Not much of a rabble-rouser, that one.

So, there you have it! The Winnick sibling trio all appeared in a single episode of Vikings together. Like their sister, both Winnick brothers went the extra mile to look the part, too. Both are boasting distinct haircuts from the period, along with some rocking beards.

It was a poignant scene for the siblings to share. For Lagertha, it was the culmination of a dream come true that might actually stand the test of time. She thought the Viking people had a settlement before and it was eventually destroyed. With King Alfred around, that is not something to worry about.

At one point in the episode, Lagertha took the gound's soil into her hand and rubs her fingers with it. She asked Ragnar if he was witnessing what had occurred, adding, “This is our dream.” Ragnar would undoubtedly be happy by the turn of events if he was still around to witness them.

As for whether or not we can expect to see Katheryn Winnick’s brothers pop in again, viewers will have to stay tuned. The episode left both of her siblings in a position to appear again. Unlike many, they starred on Vikings and had their characters live long enough to tell the tale.

Watch the assumedly epic conclusion of Season 5 when Vikings’ finale airs next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on History. Vikings is among many series that will continue airing new episodes during the early midseason.

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