Are There Too Many DC TV Shows? Here's What The CW Network's President Says

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Are there too many DC TV shows? For a few years now, The CW has become superhero central. Currently, it is the home of five TV shows based on DC comics, and one more could be on the way. CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable was on hand at the TCAs when The CW’s network president, Mark Pedowitz, weighed in, saying:

Oh, I don’t have that number yet. We haven’t hit that saturation point in my mind. I’m looking forward to Batwoman. Hopefully, in May we’ll be able to order it to series. I’m thrilled where we are with Arrow, Flash, Legends, Black Lightning, and Supergirl. So I think we have a lot to say. I think there’s more to be said. What I’d really like to do is things will age, and we want to get the next generation of shows to keep this CW Universe going for as many years as possible.

There you have it! The CW is not concerned about having hit its saturation point. They have plans to double down (not literally) on their popular array of DC programming. Given the popularity of those shows, it seems like a reasonable step.

Fans are still interested, so why not the network? DC shows have had a strong anchor on The CW. With the advent of DC’s own streaming service, which saw the successful launch of Titans last year, there is competition. Regardless, there seem to be no signs of fatigue among viewers wanting to imbibe in DC TV shows. There is also the latest continuation in The Vampire Diaries franchise with Legacies.

Of the ten shows renewed by The CW earlier this week, half of them were DC shows. Charmed, Dynasty, Riverdale, Legacies, and Supernatural accounted for the only non-DC series that have been picked up so far.

Plans for The CW’s future programming offered a slight indication as to where the network stands on the question of DC saturation. The CW is currently planning to add to its current number of five DC TV shows. The number could be six in the not-too-distant future with the addition of Batwoman.

She made her debut in last year’s Arrow-verse crossover, and a pilot is currently in the works. If it is picked up as The CW’s network president seems hopeful it will, that would put future crossovers in a potential conundrum. How it will manage to include all of the shows in the ever-expanding Arrow-verse during its annual crossover event is a mystery, although the 2018 crossover event omitted Legends of Tomorrow. Perhaps a show or two could simply be left out!

Some may have to skip a year or manage to be included in a different way. It is a nice problem to have. The CW is currently enjoying a wealth of riches, in terms of content.

Obviously, the risk is burnout, as viewers get too much of a good thing. Ratings should offer enough lead-time to know if that is the case. Part of The CW’s strategy seems to be building on the foundation it already has.

Taking into account that Arrow is in its seventh season and has been renewed for an eighth, it is the veteran. If it follows Supernatural’s track, it will not be going anywhere, anytime soon.

When it comes to DC TV shows on The CW, the network’s take seems to be the more, the merrier. The CW has many shows that are airing new during the midseason, so stay tuned.

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